Visit Holly Leaf Dental website | Posted in May, 2013

Holly Leaf Dental is a modern dental practice in Midland, WA, with the quirky tag-line of 'catering for cowards'. Holly Leaf Dental came to us after a review of their marketing activities, deciding for the first time to add an online presence to their range of activities. We decided on a single page website because Holly Leaf wanted to have a website with quality content, not quantity.

With people's short attention spans and shifting trends towards simplicity and ease of use for websites, single page web designs have become a viable and effective option to effectively brand and market your business in a relatively small amount of space without overcrowding the design.

There are many benefits of a singe page website:

  • Quick and responsive to the user with no page refreshes means a better user experience
  • SEO benefits because of high core content density
  • We can design for quality over quantity
  • Successfully distinguishes you from the competition
  • Simple and effective for smaller sites that focus on one thing
  • Perfect for the mobile web.

We were able to successfully create a feature-rich and engaging website for Holly Leaf Dental with minimal content and distractions. Focussing on quality designs and content, the website sets Holly Leaf apart from the competition of text-heavy and boring websites with clear, human-friendly messages and stand-out design.

If you’re looking to differentiate your business from the competition and work with a nationally recognised award-winning team in Perth for your website, get in touch. We just love working on interesting projects, finding the perfect solutions for clients and delivering real results.