Visit website | Posted in February, 2014

BSP Construction Consultants are a Perth-based firm that has been providing professional construction consulting to West Australian property owners for over 10 years. With an expert consultant that has enough combined experience in the Industry to last lifetimes, they’re well renowned for their professional and prompt approach to every job.

BSP decided that their current website needed a brand new look and a system that would allow potential customers to book online. So when they approached Design City regarding this, we were more than happy to spruce up the look and feel of the site while keeping it simple, clean and easily accessible.

One of the more imperative requirements of the job was to create a way to showcase completed projects and list BSP’s clients, former and present. What we created was an area where BSP can drop in a logo and a brief summary of the project to showcase it over the site.

With the new quoting forms also implemented, the BSP Construction Consultants website now offers users the ability to book their building inspections online, powered by a robust Form engine that gives BSP the power to specify exactly what information they need from potential applicants before it is considered.

The result is a website that showcases BSP’s business and all the services they can offer in a clean, vibrant way. The power to manage the site’s content is entirely at BSP’s fingertips, from their recent projects, to what kind of information they gather for an online booking, all the way down to the images that slideshow on the home page.

If you think that your website could do with a change in style, or maybe it could benefit from a little something extra to help manage how potential customers interact with your business, let us know now!