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Global Construction Services Brand Management & Evolution

Global Construction Services Limited (GCS) is an Australian construction services and equipment company that offers a diverse range of integrated products and services covering the Infrastructure; Energy; Oil and Gas; Resources and Industrial; Commercial; and Residential sectors. Their strength lies in providing integrated services for large and sophisticated projects to major construction and maintenance companies.

We've worked with GCS for a number of years, evolving their brand as the company listed on the ASX and continued to grow. One of our main priorities in helping manage their brand identity has been maintaining consistency across many different areas - advertising, site signage, investor communications, internal staff communications, tenders & reports, on-site and studio photography and community engagement.

Below is a small sample of our latest brand development and identity work for GCS.

2014 has seen an continued evolution of the Global Construction Services Limited Annual Report and brand, with clean lines, new design elements and stunning photography from on-site projects. Following the same A4 Landscape format as last year, the cover is an effortless and bold statement; a solid red background with crisp white text and a UV gloss varnish. Inside the book, financial and market segment highlights are displayed as infographics to reveal the company’s excellent outlook.

We’ve dedicated spreads to the product and service lines, showing the diversity of the business in a visual manner, as well as highlighting in detail the improving position of Global Construction Services Limited within its markets. Throughout the document, major projects and services are used as divider pages to break up the document and add extra impact.

The 2014 Global Construction Services Limited Annual Report is a sophisticated and distinguished document that will comfortably sit alongside previous years’ reports showing the growth of the GCS business and brand.

GCS has enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Design City over some 10 years, delivering our marketing message across a broad industry base. They are instrumental in growing our company brand and have developed an exceptional understanding of our business. This ensures a streamline production of our Annual Report, highlighting our character and objectives, while showcasing the year’s achievements. The team are genuinely enthusiastic and I’ve found them to be unfailing in their talent, commitment, and delivery.

Brendan Krepp—Special Project Coordinator

GCS asked us to deliver a cost effective Annual Report that continued to engage with investors. We achieved this with some smart thinking and art direction for a ‘best of both words’ result.

A switch from landscape to portrait format reduced the page count and weight of the printed report to reduce mailout costs. We refreshed the design and layout using the latest project ‘hero’ images and featured key personnel. For visual impact we created feature double-page spreads using on-site project photography.

On the visual front, we displayed financial information with stylised infographics, charts and breakout quotes. Sans-serif fonts, with well-defined headings and visual hierarchy, allow the reader to understand information at a glance.

The new portrait A4-format gives GCS a cost-effective solution for reporting and marketing. Despite the challenging market conditions and budgetary restraints, the 2015 annual report remains a go-to showcase of the company.

Passion in design is incredibly powerful and passion takes us that extra mile. Such is the case of GCS 2013 Annual Report, to challenge us every year.

This is what we do, we create until we find the perfect way to project your story, to tell it effectively and our passion keeps us working until we're completely happy with the result....and so are you!

Overall, this year's GCS Annual Report is slick, contemporary and stylish. Three major sectors are featured utilising red pages and spectacular imagery for ease of reading and finding sections.

Key positive company statements are highlighted with clever feature imagery and Community and charity support was the focal point. We brightened up the financials section with clever use of a solid red vertical bar and the map and locations got an overhaul utilising modern design.

This years Annual Report stands out from the crowd with an arrow design cover reinforcing GCS's company success.

Design City are instrumental in growing our company brand and have developed an exceptional understanding of our business. This in turn ensures a streamline production of our Annual Report, highlighting our character and objectives, while showcasing the full scope of the year’s achievements. The team are genuinely enthusiastic about each year’s Report. I’ve found them to be unfailing in their talent, commitment, and delivery.

Brendan Krepp – Special Project Coordinator; Global Construction Services Limited

Global Construction Services, a leading supplier of integrated on-site products and services nationally, contracted Design City to update their 2013 Company Profile / Corporate Profile in an innovative and engaging way.

Having already evolved the GCS branding style for the 2013 Annual Report, we set about translating this new style to the corporate profile. To give the document a professional and unique feel, we decided that a 4-page gate-fold central spread would work a treat. The centre pages fold out into the full spread from the centre, giving the appearance of a gate. Not only does it dramatically showcase the extensive range of GCS products and services, but also to grabs the reader's attention and holds their interest.

The document includes a great sampler of the stunning on-site photography that we've taken on GCS projects throughout the year. They are a dramatic and engaging presence in the document and help give the reader a full understanding of the bredth of GCS's services and work.

The profile has a UV varnish of the key message  "Your leading supplier of integrated products and services" on the cover. The high-gloss UV varnish finish against the matt-laminated solid red cover really stands out and give the document a sophisticated and very professional feel.

Despite the rise of social media solutions, a professionally produced Company Profile is still our preferred marketing tool for presenting our business. It allows GCS to quickly and easily present key information to both existing and potential customers as well as investors. Design City have done an outstanding job with our latest Profile, helping us to further build our image and add credibility to our company. A succinct summary of our organisation’s purpose, function, and outlook.

Brendan Krepp, Marketing Coordinator—Global Construction Services Limited

As one of the less ‘sexy’ aspects of design, report design is easy to overlook. Pages of text, financial information and, oh gosh, all those tables! But reports—good reports—can easily communicate complex information. And only a handful of companies understand how important Reports can be to add shareholder value and boost your image in the market.

GCS were looking to go bigger and better than last year. Starting with a unique landscape format, the report is as much excellent marketing material as it is excellent reporting. Internally, the report showcases the scope of GCS projects with double-page spreads of on-site photography, highlighting their key values of Quality, Performance, Reliability and Experience. We do a lot of photography with GCS, and the Annual Report is the perfect showcase for some amazing shots and amazing projects—from the QEII Medical Centre, to Fiona Stanley Hospital, Worsley Cogen Project and Parker Point Fuel Wharf.

Infographics are used internally to not only easily express complicated financial metrics across multiple years, but also keep the report interesting and fresh. The financial information has been set out to be everything an investor could want: easy to read, digest and understand.

The report is finished with a UV varnish of the GCS key values on a matt-laminated cover.

Once again Design city has delivered an eye-catching Annual Report for GCS. From inception and planning, through to copy and photography, and finally to print management and delivery. The team has the ability to surprise us every year with stunning visuals and unique concepts. Essential for any company looking to showcase its professionalism to shareholders and potential investors.

Brendan Krepp, Marketing Coordinator—Global Construction Services Limited

View GCS website

We worked with GCS to create a new website that showcased their growing presence in the construction services marketplace with vivid colour, bold imagery and a user-friendly interface. While the previous website focussed on shareholder communication and corporate governance compliance (after their ASX listing in late 2007), the new website builds on this by putting clients front-and-centre with easy access to products, services, divisions and community news.

With strong growth in the resource and industrial, commercial and residential markets, GCS was in a prime position to improve their online product catalogue and highlight the diversity of their offerings.

The new site is focused on showcasing GCS as the market leader. With a diverse range of on-site photography from many high-profile projects across WA, we were able to create a very visual and high-impact online presence. Along with highlighting their extensive divisions, resources and locations across Australia, we wanted to highlight the ongoing contribution GCS is making to the community with a dedicated community centre.

The site is content managed and allows the GCS team to make regular in-house updates to keep the site current. We’ve worked hard on creating a site that is visually appealing and dynamic whilst also accessible and standard compliant. The GCS brand is constantly evolving and this site allows for that natural development and growth of the brand in the future.

Design City did an amazing job and we recommend then to any business looking to implement a strong foundation in cyberspace. Having a flexible medium, cultivating real time, up-to-date information has never been more important. Planning, photography, copy writing, CMS, SEO, training, and analytics. Design City were there for us every step of the way - with talent, dedication, and a passion for website design and development

Brendan Krepp, Marketing Coordinator—Global Construction Services Limited

With a large number of companies operating under the GCS Group umbrella, Global Construction Services, Australia's leading suppler of integrated products and services nationally, requires a consistent marketing approach to their diversified brand. These division flyers showcase the individual strengths and scope of each of the companies, and allows GCS to target the audience based on the individual division.

We focussed on striking photography to engage the reader and maintain a consistent look, enabling GCS to not only market each division effectively but also highlight how each fits into the GCS Group as a whole.

If you’re looking for a solution to your branding and marketing needs, maybe we can help.

It's been a great year of growth for GCS, and what better way to tell the world than to advertise in the WA Business News. We worked closely with GCS to develop an extensive range of adverts (Strap adverts, Junior Page adverts and Full Page adverts) that deliver specific marketing messages to the GCS target audience. Of central importance is to maintain GCS's strong brand consistency and showcasing some of their key projects with amazing on-site photography.

The strategic plan submitted by Design City was right on the mark. We had no hesitation giving them the go ahead. From conception through to execution, Design City had all the bases covered and produced an incredible online and print advertising package.

Brendan Krepp, Marketing Coordinator—Global Construction Services Limited

Being a leading supplier throughout Australia GCS commissioned Design City to develop a range of flyers that successfully portrayed their extensive range of integrated on-site products and services. These A4 double sided flyers enable GCS to mixed and match various services to market themselves effectively for each meeting.

GCS, a leading supplier of integrated on-site products and services nationally, required new presentation folders that reflected this year's visually engaging Annual Report. Looking at their needs, we decided that two were better than one: a simplified generic folder would cater for everyday day use, while another for large tenders and presentations would highlight the Company's major projects across various industries. We kept the generic folder simple and bold, without pictures of specific projects that would date the folder. The presentation folder, on the other hand, highlights in full colour, major projects and industry sectors to give the folder and contents the WOW factor.

Both folders incorporate a secret bind (to allow documents to be wiro-bound directly into the folder) and are finished with a UV varnish of the GCS key values on a matt-laminated cover.

Branded USB Flash Drive

GCS business card sized USB drive

GCS were looking for branded merchandise to be able to give away to clients as well as employees and also be able to deliver proposals and other information in digital format. We sourced these business card style USB thumb drives and created branded graphics for both sides of the card.