Passion in design is incredibly powerful and passion takes us that extra mile. Such is the case of GCS 2013 Annual Report, to challenge us every year.

This is what we do, we create until we find the perfect way to project your story, to tell it effectively and our passion keeps us working until we're completely happy with the result....and so are you!

Overall, this year's GCS Annual Report is slick, contemporary and stylish. Three major sectors are featured utilising red pages and spectacular imagery for ease of reading and finding sections.

Key positive company statements are highlighted with clever feature imagery and Community and charity support was the focal point. We brightened up the financials section with clever use of a solid red vertical bar and the map and locations got an overhaul utilising modern design.

This years Annual Report stands out from the crowd with an arrow design cover reinforcing GCS's company success.

Design City are instrumental in growing our company brand and have developed an exceptional understanding of our business. This in turn ensures a streamline production of our Annual Report, highlighting our character and objectives, while showcasing the full scope of the year’s achievements. The team are genuinely enthusiastic about each year’s Report. I’ve found them to be unfailing in their talent, commitment, and delivery.

Brendan Krepp – Special Project Coordinator; Global Construction Services Limited