GCS asked us to deliver a cost effective Annual Report that continued to engage with investors. We achieved this with some smart thinking and art direction for a ‘best of both words’ result.

A switch from landscape to portrait format reduced the page count and weight of the printed report to reduce mailout costs. We refreshed the design and layout using the latest project ‘hero’ images and featured key personnel. For visual impact we created feature double-page spreads using on-site project photography.

On the visual front, we displayed financial information with stylised infographics, charts and breakout quotes. Sans-serif fonts, with well-defined headings and visual hierarchy, allow the reader to understand information at a glance.

The new portrait A4-format gives GCS a cost-effective solution for reporting and marketing. Despite the challenging market conditions and budgetary restraints, the 2015 annual report remains a go-to showcase of the company.