It’s been a great year for Hot Chili, who have taken great strides towards establishing themselves as the new and exciting Australian mid-tier copper producer in Chile. The 2013 Annual Report reflects the growth Hot Chili has seen as they transition from explorer to developer.

The cover with its dynamic black and white image and red strip with UV varnish highlights the 2013 and supports the covers statement ‘Delivering Growth’ and Hot Chili’s progress this past financial year. The report showcases large images of the mining landscape to add visual interest to the report. The layouts are based on the evoliving Hot Chili brand using geometric and angular shapes and is a creative and dynamic way to keep the shadeholders interest while maintaining readability. The result is a striking and visually attractive report that instantly grabs the viewers attention.

We worked closely with Hot Chili to deliver the report in a timely manner and completed all aspects of the job from design to typesetting, print production, interactive reporting and mail-out to subscribers.

We at Hot Chili Limited, are very pleased with the design work and the assistance we have received from Design City in the preparation and dispatch of our Annual Report in 2013. The staff at Design City have been proactive and helpful, and we are proud of the document produced.

John Sendziuk – Company Secretary