It’s been a great year for Hot Chili, who have taken great strides towards establishing themselves as the new and exciting Australian mid-tier copper producer in Chile. The 2012 Annual Report reflects the growth Hot Chili has seen as they transition from explorer to developer.

The cover images inlayed into stylised arrows, for example, showcase this ‘up and to the right ’ movement of the company as well as their drive for growth. The report showcases large images of the mining landscape to highlight current on-site operations and add some visual interest to the report. Layouts used are based on the current Hot Chili branding involving the use of geometric shapes and is creative and dynamic enough to maintain shareholder interest while maintaining readability. The result is a visually attractive report that isn’t traditional in design, but rather, like Hot Chili itself, progressive and distinctive.

We worked closely with Hot Chili to deliver the report in a timely manner and completed all aspects of the job from design to typesetting, print production, interactive reporting and mail-out to subscribers.

Hot Chili Limited has been associated with Design City since April 2010, when work commenced on the Prospectus. The company has received excellent service. The consultants have been innovative and have assisted the company to build the HOT CHILI brand. Hot Chili management has received favourable comments from outside parties, on the various reports and products produced for the company by Design City.

John Sendziuk, Company Secretary—Hot Chili Limited