Mundella Foods was looking to create a corporate profile that would showcase the company’s product range and their development and growth over the past 38 years. Mundella started as a handful of local ladies making fresh farm cheese and has now grown to a company with nearly 50 staff producing over 3 million kilos of dairy products. They now have a total of twelve different ranges of award-winning products: from their pot set yoghurt to drinking yoghurt; to ricotta, feta and cheddar cheese and their latest baby and toddler yoghurt.

The company profile evolves the current Mundella brand and is highly visual, using stunning farm photography to highlight how fresh their dairy products really are (they have their own working dairy farm on the property, maximising the freshness and quality of all their products!). Each product is shown off with great product photography and mouth-watering food styling, further highlighting the strength of the company and it’s product range. There is a great awards timeline that shows all of the awards they’ve won stretching back six years that really puts some of the larger dairy producers to shame.

The corporate profile also showcases the different marketing materials we’ve produced, including print, outdoor and online advertising as well as retail product packaging.

The Profile was printed on 100% recycled paper.