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As an Australian company developing innovative projects to make waste management and energy production more sustainable, New Energy is in a unique position to make a real difference to our environment. Needless to say, we hit it off immediately! Their mission is to generate clean renewable energy from waste diverted from landfill, which they achieve by using low temperature waste to gas technology that converts compounds in the waste into energy. The technology complies with the most stringent national and international emissions standards and is an exciting alternative to landfill and dirty power generation.

Design City worked with new Energy to create and manage many aspects of their brand from the inception of the business, inlcuding marketing materials, press advertising, community engagement materials, website design, infographics, reports and stationery templates.

Below is a small sample of our latest branding for New Energy.

View the full report on New Energy's website

New Energy needed a top quality professionally designed Public Environmental Review (PER) Report for their tender submission. We created, clean easy to read graphs, charts and figures matching the New Energy company brand. The online version of the table of contents was automated and  hyperlinked becoming user friendly. We creatively conveyed very technical concepts in a finished slick professional report.

Without doubt these PER documents are the most complex and time consuming of all technical documents I have ever worked on. I firstly want to thank you and Taryn for the patient and systematic way you have managed this process over the past 6 months. The challenges for you were constant and ongoing, and I was so impressed by your efforts....I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Design City to any company or individual seeking to engage a design “partner” who focusses on the client’s success not just billing hours.

Jason Pugh, General Manager—New Energy Corporation

View the full report on New Energy's website

New Energy, an Australian company developing innovative and sustainable waste-to-energy projects, engaged us to produce a 500 page Public Environmental Review (PER) report for the Environmental Protection Authority to support the creation of a new waste-to-energy plant in the Pilbara region of WA.

Putting together professional and complex reports can be quite challenging: there is a lot riding on the timely delivery of a top-quality report. The PER has technical reports collated from five different consultants (in all sizes, formats and qualities) and required exacting attention to detail in editing, spelling and grammar checks. You need an experienced team to deal with the potential disasters that shifting timeframes, creatively conveying very technical concepts simply, and multiple versions of each document, can cause.

Luckily, this is the sort of challenge we love and it was a great pleasure to help New Energy and deliver an excellent report.

This complex document has been without a doubt the most challenging in my 20 year career. The professionalism and commitment shown by you and your staff throughout this process has enabled New Energy to set a new standard in submissions to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)…. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to other proponents who face this daunting process. Thanks again and I look forward to continuing our business relationship into the future.

Jason Pugh, General Manager—New Energy Corporation

Great identities aren't created overnight. We assisted New Energy to distill their brand essence through a series of brand identity workshops. We facilitated a discussion through all levels of the company until the foundation elements of the company (from their core values of sustainability, innovation and integrity to their core purpose and what makes them different) were uncovered.

With an identity solidly grounded in strategy, we created their logos, colour schemes, presentations, proposals, brochures, websites and stationery (to name a few). You can find more details on our work for New Energy by clicking the brand link below.

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The New Energy site was unique in that not only did it need to fulfil its corporate duty, but also have a more local focus for the communities in and around the project areas. New Energy also had some pretty serious scientific concepts and processes that need to be easily understandable by the general public as well as showcasing the company's commitment to the environment and the communities in which their plants operate.

Design City designed the New Energy website to be professional and corporate, with a bright and friendly side to it. The Home page was created to funnel users to important areas of the site, but also to be entirely editable by New Energy as important events occur and need to have prime-time focus.

Much of the site was to function as an information tool for investors and the general public to learn about the company and their technology and their mission - to generate clean, renewable energy from waste diverted from landfill. To this end, we created interactive diagrams to step through the overall energy process as well as the special and environmentally superior gasification technology. The site is also a resource for the individual communities where projects are being established so they can understand positive impact it will have. This included general information as well as downloads, community news and important frequently asked questions. The site also has an integrated news system which allows the administrators simple access to publishing multiple news articles on any of the site's news sections.

As a company almost fanatical about sustainability, it was important that the site was as sustainable as possible. We organised New Energy on our very own Green Hosting - environmentally sustainable website hosting platform and ensured that things like print stylesheets were optimised so that if the pages were to be printed, they wouldn't waste paper or printer ink.


New Energy Corporation Billboard Advertising with energy saving light globe displaying the wasted materials

As part of their brand awareness campaign, New Energy were looking for outdoor advertising as part of a larger strategy to introduce their relatively new brand to a geographical areas. This particular billboard concept was designed to be used in local communities where projects were underway, coupled with more detailed information and messages in the form of letter drops, community awareness sessions and online resources. The billboard incorporated a simple future-focused message with simple graphics associated with reducing waste, recycling, energy and sustainability.