Maximise your product appeal

When it comes to choosing a product off a shelf, its appearance can be more important than what’s inside. The way your product is seen at point of sale is crucial to the decision-making process, and can impact the overall success of your brand.

We create packaging solutions with maximum ‘buy-me’ appeal. Our label and product packaging development is original, eye-catching and designed to inspire your customers to buy your product and build brand loyalty.

Packaging design services

We provide concept and development for commercial, retail and industrial product labels and for a wide range of packaging types, including boxes, bags, containers and pouches.

Standing out on a supermarket or providore’s shelf is always difficult, especially in the highly competitive Extra Virgin Olive Oil space. Anne and Barry produce two varieties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Tarralea Grove in Jarrahdale, 50km south of Perth, and we can tell you from first hand experience it’s absolutely delicious!

When Tarralea came to us with the job of creating bright, fresh and modern labels for their two varieties of olive oil, we relished the challenge. The most important consideration for us was how we were going to have the product stand out on a shelf and in the minds of a consumer.

Rather than using the traditional images of olives, trees and rolling hills, we decided to use bright colour, bold and simple fonts. The combination of black and solid yellow set against the green glass bottle was very effective in standing out in a competitive market. The style also translated easily and effectively to stationery items and other labels and will continue to be an asset to the business as the company grows.