Go beyond the facts and figures – tell a story

Annual reports and prospectuses have an important job to do: present financial and other essential information about your company. But their usefulness doesn’t stop there, because they also provide a great opportunity to communicate with your market, share your vision and reinforce your brand. 

We have a proven track record in producing professional reports in any format and for any industry. To make it easier for you, we can coordinate all aspects of your annual report or prospectus production, including concepts, formatting and print. As every report is different, we’d be happy to give you a free assessment and show you how we can help to reinforce your message and grow investor confidence.

Corporate report services

We take the hassle out of producing corporate reports with design, typesetting, copywriting, photography, print production, interactive reporting and distribution.

Passion in design is incredibly powerful and passion takes us that extra mile. Such is the case of GCS 2013 Annual Report, to challenge us every year.

This is what we do, we create until we find the perfect way to project your story, to tell it effectively and our passion keeps us working until we're completely happy with the result....and so are you!

Overall, this year's GCS Annual Report is slick, contemporary and stylish. Three major sectors are featured utilising red pages and spectacular imagery for ease of reading and finding sections.

Key positive company statements are highlighted with clever feature imagery and Community and charity support was the focal point. We brightened up the financials section with clever use of a solid red vertical bar and the map and locations got an overhaul utilising modern design.

This years Annual Report stands out from the crowd with an arrow design cover reinforcing GCS's company success.

Design City are instrumental in growing our company brand and have developed an exceptional understanding of our business. This in turn ensures a streamline production of our Annual Report, highlighting our character and objectives, while showcasing the full scope of the year’s achievements. The team are genuinely enthusiastic about each year’s Report. I’ve found them to be unfailing in their talent, commitment, and delivery.

Brendan Krepp – Special Project Coordinator; Global Construction Services Limited

It’s been a great year for Hot Chili, who have taken great strides towards establishing themselves as the new and exciting Australian mid-tier copper producer in Chile. The 2013 Annual Report reflects the growth Hot Chili has seen as they transition from explorer to developer.

The cover with its dynamic black and white image and red strip with UV varnish highlights the 2013 and supports the covers statement ‘Delivering Growth’ and Hot Chili’s progress this past financial year. The report showcases large images of the mining landscape to add visual interest to the report. The layouts are based on teh evoliving Hot Chili brand using geometric and angular shapes and is a creative and dynamic way to keep the shadeholders interest while maintaining readability. The result is a striking and visually attractive report that insnt

We worked closely with Hot Chili to deliver the report in a timely manner and completed all aspects of the job from design to typesetting, print production, interactive reporting and mail-out to subscribers.

We at Hot Chili Limited, are very pleased with the design work and the assistance we have received from Design City in the preparation and dispatch of our Annual Report in 2013. The staff at Design City have been proactive and helpful, and we are proud of the document produced.

John Sendziuk – Company Secretary

View the full report on New Energy's website

New Energy needed a top quality professionally designed Public Environmental Review (PER) Report for their tender submission. We created, clean easy to read graphs, charts and figures matching the New Energy company brand. The online version of the table of contents was automated and  hyperlinked becoming user friendly. We creatively conveyed very technical concepts in a finished slick professional report.

Without doubt these PER documents are the most complex and time consuming of all technical documents I have ever worked on. I firstly want to thank you and Taryn for the patient and systematic way you have managed this process over the past 6 months. The challenges for you were constant and ongoing, and I was so impressed by your efforts....I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Design City to any company or individual seeking to engage a design “partner” who focusses on the client’s success not just billing hours.

Jason Pugh, General Manager—New Energy Corporation

NOPSEMA (for the uninitiated, that’s the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority) is a Commonwealth agency that regulates the health, safety and environmental management of all offshore petroleum facilities.

We created a landscape, spiral-bound report based on the NOPSEMA style guide and corporate branding. The report includes customised graphs and infographics as well as colour-coded sections to easily tell the chapters apart. We were also responsible for printing and print management, ensuring the four colour process document showed consistent colour compared to the corporate style.

Timing was critical for NOPSEMA, and we were able to artwork, typeset and print the report well within the Authority’s timeframe.

View the full report on New Energy's website

New Energy, an Australian company developing innovative and sustainable waste-to-energy projects, engaged us to produce a 500 page Public Environmental Review (PER) report for the Environmental Protection Authority to support the creation of a new waste-to-energy plant in the Pilbara region of WA.

Putting together professional and complex reports can be quite challenging: there is a lot riding on the timely delivery of a top-quality report. The PER has technical reports collated from five different consultants (in all sizes, formats and qualities) and required exacting attention to detail in editing, spelling and grammar checks. You need an experienced team to deal with the potential disasters that shifting timeframes, creatively conveying very technical concepts simply, and multiple versions of each document, can cause.

Luckily, this is the sort of challenge we love and it was a great pleasure to help New Energy and deliver an excellent report.

This complex document has been without a doubt the most challenging in my 20 year career. The professionalism and commitment shown by you and your staff throughout this process has enabled New Energy to set a new standard in submissions to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)…. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to other proponents who face this daunting process. Thanks again and I look forward to continuing our business relationship into the future.

Jason Pugh, General Manager—New Energy Corporation

With tight deadlines and budgets, sometimes a full Annual Report typeset is out of the question. There’s still plenty we can do as designers to create a professional annual report, as we've done here for Perth-based copper and gold exploration company Sierra Mining Limited.

Design City helped Sierra to create a visual style for the 2012 Annual Report in the form of covers and inside cover spreads. A professional cover not only looks great, but also boosts investor confidence. The internals were typeset in-house due to time constraints and to reduce annual report production costs.

Design City can combine cover designs with the in-house typeset internals, as well as organise print, binding and mail-out to investors with minimal fuss and a quick turnaround. We can also provide corporate-branded Word templates to keep your report internals looking consistent and professional.

It’s been a great year for Hot Chili, who have taken great strides towards establishing themselves as the new and exciting Australian mid-tier copper producer in Chile. The 2012 Annual Report reflects the growth Hot Chili has seen as they transition from explorer to developer.

The cover images inlayed into stylised arrows, for example, showcase this ‘up and to the right ’ movement of the company as well as their drive for growth. The report showcases large images of the mining landscape to highlight current on-site operations and add some visual interest to the report. Layouts used are based on the current Hot Chili branding involving the use of geometric shapes and is creative and dynamic enough to maintain shareholder interest while maintaining readability. The result is a visually attractive report that isn’t traditional in design, but rather, like Hot Chili itself, progressive and distinctive.

We worked closely with Hot Chili to deliver the report in a timely manner and completed all aspects of the job from design to typesetting, print production, interactive reporting and mail-out to subscribers.

Hot Chili Limited has been associated with Design City since April 2010, when work commenced on the Prospectus. The company has received excellent service. The consultants have been innovative and have assisted the company to build the HOT CHILI brand. Hot Chili management has received favourable comments from outside parties, on the various reports and products produced for the company by Design City.

John Sendziuk, Company Secretary—Hot Chili Limited

Dacian Gold (DCN:ASX) is a gold exploration and development company that acquired the Mt Morgans Project in the Laverton district of WA. The Company successfully listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on the 14th November 2012.

With our experience in report and prospectus design, Dacian came to us to design their IPO prospectus. The emphasis was on displaying the numerous full colour geologist figures with maximum impact and legibility for investors and brokers. The report utilises a clean, corporate page layout with a one-column grid that is versatile and allows for justification of text without any unsightly word spacing. A stylised gold ingot shape with rounded corners from the logo became a linking element throughout the report; while the dark blue, gold and grey colour palette and corporate fonts established in the style guide were further used to maintain brand consistency throughout the prospectus.

The end result was a distinguished, well-presented document that complied with ASIC guidelines and regulations. The printed IPO prospectus were delivered on time and into the hands of eager Lead Managers for their road show presentations Australia wide.

The Western Australian Treasury Corporation are WA’s corporate treasury services provider, assisting the public sector by delivering effective and efficient financial solutions. Sound like a pretty big deal? They are.

Design City has worked on the WATC annual report for a number of years. This year, the focus was on their client authorities, highlighting how the WATC has helped Western Australian institutions like the Perth Theatre Trust, the Water Corporation, Western Power, WA Police and Tourism WA.

The report design was an evolution of the current branding and corporate style guide, with the cover representing a stylised graph going up and to the right. A clever play on words in the heading 'Leading the way' was used to emphasise WA's leading role in the Australian economy. The financial information is presented in an easy to understand format, with graphs and charts in corporate style and colours used wherever possible. We assisted with board photography again this year, choosing shots that were more casual, approachable and friendly.

As usual, the report is available as a Reportcast interactive online annual report, making it easier for investors to view the report online.

If you're interested in more corporate or government annual reports, check out some of our other annual report designs.

Design City has successfully partnered Western Australian Treasury Corporation in the production of annual reports over many years.

We are impressed with Design City’s ability to take our simple concepts and ideas and produce a creative, attractive, contemporary and professional product that can be easily read and understood by our target audience. The challenge each year is to improve on the previous year, provide something new and stay within budget, with Design City continually rising to the challenge and exceeding our expectations.

Paul and the Design City team are always very accommodating and provide a great service which is prompt, personal and professional.

Vida Corbett, Marketing and Communications Officer—West Australian Treasury Corporation