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For many of your customers, a visit to your website will be their first interaction with your brand. That first impression counts for a lot. We can help to make sure that the introduction is a positive one by working with you to understand your requirements and developing an online presence that adds real value to your business. Our web designers and programmers have a complete set of skills to create and implement any type of digital project. Needless to say, all of our website designs are standards-based and user-focused.

Website services

We aim to make your website effective, accessible and search-engine friendly with a complete range of digital services including affordable web design, content management systems, website programming, website hosting, domain name registration and management, web marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), email marketing, e-brochures, interactive PDFs, interactive brochures and flip-books, PowerPoint presentations, CD/DVD presentations, ongoing maintenance and client support.

Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale / Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Responsive Website

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We’ve been working with the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire for the last couple of years on evolving their online presence.

Key Outcomes

Easy to find everything

Right form the beginning we focused on the site’s information architecture with card sorting, interviews with department heads and an all-staff survey. The site features intuitive navigation with mega menus, instant search for Application Forms and on-page documents. 


We worked hard with the Shire’s team to ensure the website showed the area’s rural appeal alongside its more cosmopolitan nature. The subtle textures and earthy tones ensures the site remains easy to read whilst incorporating the unique feeling of the area.

While the site is information heavy, we also wanted a way to ensure the site could still engage and maintain interest with images in a way that seamlessly integrated with whatever content was included. 


Local government sites don’t need to be boring. We carefully incorporated subtle animation so that you hardly know it’s there. Instant application form and document searching provides lightning fast perceived page performance, whist interactive maps allow visitors to engage with the Shire’s amenities.


The website aims to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. In many cases, the site will be compliant to Level AA and Level AAA.

This enables access for disabled persons and non-standard software and hardware, including:

  • People with disabilities who may use assistive technologies
  • Those with slower internet connections or less than state-of-the-art equipment
  • Rural and regional users
  • Those with non-PC internet devices including hand held devices and mobile phones

Silverstripe CMS

The site is built and administered using the simple-to-use Silverstripe CMS, which is popular among government for its stability, ease of use and extensibility.

By customising the admin interface, Shire employees are easily able to create new pages, attach documents and images simply, easily and effectively.

After lots of hard work and dedication by Shire employees and the team at Design City, we are delighted that the Shire’s new website has been launched.

Our goal with the new website was to provide our customers an easier way to learn about the services that the Shire offers and to allow our customers to browse information simply. The new website is interactive and completely optimized to be viewed on mobile and tablet devices, giving our customers improved access to What We Do, Who We Are, About SJ, News and Events and Your Say.

Some of my favourite new features of the website are the ability to search our Community Directory online, a dedicated Application Forms search to make finding our forms simpler and a redesigned News section that makes it easier to know what’s happening in the Shire.

Since our launch in October the feedback we have received from our employees and residents has been overwhelmingly positive. Shire employees are now finding it easier engage with our residents and this is has been evident not only in the positive feedback we have received but in the increase in traffic the website is now receiving.

Shanon Clark—Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale

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Valmec is an Australian energy services group providing specialised services to the energy and infrastructure markets. Having recently undergone major business growth, their website needed a simiar big step forward.

We worked with Valmec on a digital strategy to better align the website with the business and showcase market leadership. We collaborated to overhaul their information architecture, providing a more client-focussed experience. The site features Valmec's markets and offerings prominently. Additionally, improved investor communication and community awareness was at the heart of the update.

We created a clean and professional responsive design that evolved Valmec’s existing branding. The new site design has clean lines, focussed photography and a more in-depth colour palette. Heavy blue backgrounds and ghosted elements have been replaced with a more open feeling. Simple mega-menu navigation makes the site easy to understand and navigate.

We realised the site’s unique angles, used on most images and the home page header, using SVG masking. Nuances in browser support and implementation meant that it was a feature we worked hard to get right. The site integrates with a share information API to pull through the latest share information and announcements. We built the site in Silverstripe CMS which allows for easy editing and powerful customisations.

The team at Valmec were great to work with​ and provided excellent content support and business intelligence.

In early 2015, Valmec identified the requirement to undertake a major overhaul of our website with the evolution of the business and to incorporate newly acquired business. Having limited internal marketing resources to undertake this work along with limited budgets meant our selection of partner would be key to success. Through the process of evaluation, Design City represented themselves as open, honest, transparent and genuinely interested in undertaking the work. This enthusiasm actually escalated once they were selected, with the team taking time to truly understand our business, what we wanted from the website and offering experienced based advice.

If you want a company that will nod and do anything you say without question, they are not the group for you.

If you want a company that is keen to share their practical experience, provide advice and discuss options that allow you to make the best choice, Design City is the partner you need.

The team accommodated a tight timeline, changes as the process evolved and at no time allowed us to proceed blindly. Their creativity and advice was key in us launching a website that had everyone in our company smiling and excellent feedback from our clients and business partners.

I would not hesitate in recommending Design City to anyone and gladly work with them again.

Kelvin Andrijich—Director - Oil & Gas

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As part of a major brand overhaul, Margaret River Dairy Company needed a completely revamped website to showcase their award-winning products.

Founded by Italian artisan cheesemakers in 1966, the Margaret River Dairy Company is steeped in tradition with its range of gourmet cheeses and yoghurts. After fire destroyed their factory in 2012 they rebuilt with an impressive state-of-the-art facility. The 2015 rebrand is the culmination of that journey and we’re excited to be able to help build the new (but still traditional) Margaret River Dairy Company.

Our brief for the website was simple: showcase their range of gourmet products with stunning photography; highlight the beautiful Margaret River region as the setting for the dairy’s tourism business; and keep the website up-to-date with the latest and greatest from their popular social media platforms.

The process to get to the website was a long one. After creating a new identity we designed a range of new tubs and labels for a brand new range of yoghurts as well as revamped the existing cheese labels. We then helped capture the visual content through on-site photography as well as product photography with a food stylist—all before we touched a line of code.

The site itself is elegant and simple – we call it a modern vintage brand. A stunning design ties together images of the Margaret River region with on-site dairy photography and scrumptious product photography. Almost every aspect of the site has been meticulously and strategically created, from the extensive product pages with recipes, to the location page with hand-drawn map, directions and region information. The site automatically integrates with Facebook, pulling though the latest posts and updates shared on the popular social media platform. Performance is always a factor with image-heavy, responsive websites, so we implemented mobile optimisations including responsive image sizes which led to a 50% reduction in image sizes and a 25% decrease in overall load times on mobile.

Visit DM Civil's responsive website

As part of a major overhaul of their brand, DM Civil were looking to build a strong online presence. Along with a bold new identity and logo, new signage, stationery, photography, DM Civil needed a website that would reflect their market position, highlight their extensive capabilities and show they’re an employer of choice.

By combining some exciting photography, video production and engaging content we’ve been able to create a visually appealing design that’s brought life to what was previously a dry topic. The site uses bold colours and a flexible layout for maximum impact no matter how you’re browsing. 

The site has been built to be accessible to a minimum WCAG 2.0 AA standard, making it accessible to all users, no matter the device capability, technical restrictions/missing plugins, or users with impairments or disability.

One of the major considerations was that the site had to be responsive, so we created a full responsive mobile-first layout that complemented DM Civil's new brand. To make the site truly responsive, we integrated not one by two responsive image loading systems that dynamically load the effect size for the browser. The result? An excellent visual experience, reduced load times and overall better user experience.

The site is rich with information about their capabilities and processes, successful projects with some of WA’s largest organisations, and dynamic images of the DM Civil team in action (usually on towering trenching machines!). The rebrand showcases both internally to their team and externally to existing loyal clients the progressive direction that the business is taking, helping to evolve and grow DM Civil.

At DM Civil, we previously believed that providing an outstanding service and getting the job done was all the business marketing we needed. It took partnering with Design City for us to have our minds opened to the fact that we had such a great story to tell and the benefits this would bring. The birth of a complete company rebranding was the result and the creativity, project management and professionalism of the entire Design City team was unsurpassed. Our company look, online presence and marketing material is now cutting edge and we are sure it will bring significant business opportunities into the future.

Outstanding results come from good collaborative partnerships. I feel our new marketing presence is a true example of this and I have no hesitation in recommending Design City to any future clients.

Stephen Hall—Managing Director

Visit Cat Haven's website

We've been a long time supporter of Cat Haven. Five and a half years ago we developed a strategy with them to vastly improve their online visibility and get more people excited and interested in adopting cats and donating. The new website worked well; Cat Haven was soon swamped with enquiries about all manner of cat-related subjects. Using our Content Management System, the site grew and grew until, eventually, Cat Haven decided it was time to take a step back and improve the design and functionality of the site.

We worked with Cat Haven to identify some of the key objectives for the refresh:

Improve user experience overall

  • The Cat Haven brand has moved far in the last 6 years, and the overall layout needed an update to match.
  • We’ve included full, beautiful images of Cat Haven cats. Every page now has an adorable picture of a cat or kitten in the heading the page.
  • Incorporated the growing colour palate and highlighted the important areas: Donate, Adopt, Foster, Bequests and Volunteer.

Utilise the website more to reduce internal costs

  • We revamped the information architecture of the site to make content easier to find. Leaving behind the legacy architecture allowed us to focus on user tasks and make the site easier to navigate
  • We added a home page filter box to allow instant access to informative articles on the Cat Haven website. This allows users to find the information they need quickly and reduce calls to the Haven.

Improve user experience with adoption page

  • We needed people to realise HOW ADORABLE these cats really are. We enlarged the photos and tweaked the layout to make it easier to access adoption-related information.
  • There were plenty of legacy features that could be removed so the interface was simplified overall.

Keep costs down and value up

  • By working hand-in-hand (paw in paw?) with Cat Haven staff, we were able to split the workload and reduce the cost for the Haven. Our designers and developers also donated their time as individuals and Design City was happy to continue to support Cat Haven with a donation as well.

It was great to continue to work with Cat Haven and the amazing staff and volunteers that enable the Haven to do such great work.

Working with the Design City team on our new website was a breeze. They had a very thorough understanding of what was needed and contributed many great ideas. They were in constant contact throughout the design process, explaining each stage and rationale, and at the end of the day, the result is a great, clean, impactful new website for Cat Haven.

Chandra Woodley—Marketing and Communications

View GCS website

We worked with GCS to create a new website that showcased their growing presence in the construction services marketplace with vivid colour, bold imagery and a user-friendly interface. While the previous website focussed on shareholder communication and corporate governance compliance (after their ASX listing in late 2007), the new website builds on this by putting clients front-and-centre with easy access to products, services, divisions and community news.

With strong growth in the resource and industrial, commercial and residential markets, GCS was in a prime position to improve their online product catalogue and highlight the diversity of their offerings.

The new site is focused on showcasing GCS as the market leader. With a diverse range of on-site photography from many high-profile projects across WA, we were able to create a very visual and high-impact online presence. Along with highlighting their extensive divisions, resources and locations across Australia, we wanted to highlight the ongoing contribution GCS is making to the community with a dedicated community centre.

The site is content managed and allows the GCS team to make regular in-house updates to keep the site current. We’ve worked hard on creating a site that is visually appealing and dynamic whilst also accessible and standard compliant. The GCS brand is constantly evolving and this site allows for that natural development and growth of the brand in the future.

Design City did an amazing job and we recommend then to any business looking to implement a strong foundation in cyberspace. Having a flexible medium, cultivating real time, up-to-date information has never been more important. Planning, photography, copy writing, CMS, SEO, training, and analytics. Design City were there for us every step of the way - with talent, dedication, and a passion for website design and development

Brendan Krepp, Marketing Coordinator—Global Construction Services Limited

Fiona Vail Photography Website

Fiona Vail Photography, run by the passionate Fiona Vail, create visual stories and captures the lives of their clients with stunning and emotionally-driven photography.

Design City worked with Fiona to create an online portfolio that would do something simple but very difficult: showcase the beauty, inspiration, emotion of her photography without getting in the way—a sort of pure, simple and unobtrusive interface that works with the photography. The site requirements were: simple and beautiful designs, responsive layout for smartphones, tablets and monitors, and a content management system for simple website updates.

We jumped at the opportunity to make her vision a reality. The site employs responsive image sizing to optimise image download sizes and viewing resolution—as a result, the photographs are crystal clear and fast, even to those without blazingly fast connections. The intuitive UI (user interface) is clean, simple, intuitive and contextual, giving users control when they need it and fading into the background when they don’t. The responsive design means users on smartphones, tablets, small screens, wide screens and large monitors all have optimised viewing. Social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are tied into the site, with the ability to share or pin any of the images on the site.

I find it hard to put into words how amazing it felt to see my vision come to life with the help of Design City.

Michael and his team worked closely with me throughout the whole planning, design and build process. They answered my questions and queries promptly, took note of the elements that I felt strongly about and gave valuable guidance and advice. They offered support throughout the whole process, making sure I got the balance right between my ideas and what would realistically work well within the site. The result - a stunning, professional portfolio website that makes my images shine and a true reflection of what I was aiming to achieve.

I’d like to give a special thanks to Michael Bollig for your wonderfully professional, yet personal approach. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Design City and cannot thank them enough for the incredible job they have done.

Thank you again

Fiona Vail—Fiona Vail Photography

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Instant Waste Management is the largest private, family-operated waste recycling company in Western Australia. With decades of experience and a fleet of over 100 vehicles, Instant Waste Management needed a website more suited to their market position and asked Design City to help. 

We integrated a new, modern style by utilising the bold colour palette from the existing brand. The layout and information architecture was designed to put visitors first by bringing to the surface sections designed for different industry types. Older navigation styles that relied on users understanding waste management intimately are still included, just deprioritised.

A lot of focus was placed on allowing visitors to easily navigate to Instant Waste Management’s key services, recycling information and state of the art Material Recovery Facility. To really draw the eye, we employed images to complement links to the major sections of the site. You can find multiple videos spread over the pages to increase engagement and take advantage of the skip bin online ordering that’s integrated with Instant Waste’s internal systems.

The sleek, modern feel of the interface combined with the detailed information on services and recycling efforts make viewing the new Instant Waste website engaging, informative and effortless.

We found working with the Design City team an enjoyable & inclusive process. They were very understanding of our desire to get it just right. Together we created a website & additional marketing material for our grand opening event by the WA Environment Minister.

Jake Hickey—State Resource Development Manager

Kimberley Holidays and Travel Website

Best of the Kimberley is a licensed travel agency with over 20 years experience of living and working in the Kimberley region. They inspire wonder and awe in their clients by organising fantastic holiday itineraries at stunning locations around WA's Kimberley region. Deciding it was time to refresh their web presence, they approached the Design City team and we got straight to work on designing a sleek, modern look around the huge wealth of information that existed on their current site.

The primary goal was to create a streamlined way for users to find the tour that was right for them. With over 120 different tour packages spread across more than 20 different areas, organising everything to make a visit to the site easily and intuitively accessible was no small feat. We employed a menu that sorted each tour by location, duration and theme so the end user can find tours that would both work within their itinerary and suit their interests.

To show off the beauty of North West Australia, the site is rich with amazing photographs and full to the brim with helpful information, package deals and recommendations. So take a look, book a self drive tour in WA’s beautiful Kimberley region!

The final result is better than I envisaged at the very start of the project. I am happy with the overall presentation of the website. By doing all of the data input myself, I certainly have a better engagement with the CMS (despite some of the little hiccups along the way). I always had an understanding of the importance keywords in particular but that knowledge has been enhanced much further about Meta titles and Meta descriptions too!

[Design City] have been very easy to work with and I have appreciated the guidance and availability of you to make adjustments as required and I thank you and your team for your efforts. I am pleased that WCR did recommend your company and I certainly have already mentioned your company to a couple of tour operators and friends who have business websites.

Rosemary McGuigan—Director, Best of the Kimberley

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The Tonkinson Colorectal Cancer Research Fund is an organisation dedicated to improving the lives and treatment of people with colorectal cancer by supporting medical research into the disease. Since 2009, the Tonkinson Research Fund has been working with both local and international like-minded research organisations. Tonkinson Research Fund asked that Design City build the final content managed website.

User Experience Review

To ensure usability and accessibility of the designs, we were engaged to provide some User Experience insight into the design phase and discuss our findings with the project team. We uncovered over 25 considerations over the following areas:

  • Usability
  • Accessibility
  • Information architecture
  • SEO
  • Content strategy
  • Content management
  • Technical and browser/device compatibility

Design, Build and Beyond

The brief was exciting: in cooperation with Giant Advertising and Writing by Steve Browning, create a website that would tell a story and connect with visitors on an emotional level.

The design follows clean lines, brand colours and is visually appealing. With the support of some great photography, the landing page has 4 crisp, cycling and high-resolution photos to guide users through the site and allow them to explore the content. We had to walk a fine line between image quality and site responsiveness to keep the home page animations fluid which was an interesting challenge! The site is rich with content that informs the user about the story of the organisation and it’s current projects, yet is written in a manner that is compelling to read.

The result of our collective collaboration is a stunning website that will continue to expand as the organisation continues to make an impact on colorectal cancer research.

Design City were fantastic through the build of the website. Well organised and easy to work with, they delivered a great result.

Lauren Jones—Doctor Liaison Coordinator, St John of God Subiaco Hospital

Visit AMS website

Aussie Modular Solutions (AMS) engineers, designs, manufactures and installs modular buildings for the resource, commercial and residential sectors. Formerly Aussie Portables and Alternative Living, the newly formed AMS needed to leverage its reputation as one of Western Australia’s most trusted modular, prefab and transportable providers and create a strong online identity to cut through in a very competitive market.

Design City were engaged to design and build the AMS website from the ground up, utilising the existing materials from the previous companies as well as the newly developing materials that were somewhere between planned and being created.

We initially sat down with AMS to work through the site information architecture and content strategy. We decided to move forward with a client-focused strategy as the diverse target audience of the company leant itself to creating focused areas of the site for specific user groups. We worked with a web copywriter and AMS to create the content specifically for the web and looked at innovative intelligent ways we could have users interacting with the site.

The site itself was built from the ground up to be a showcase for the new brand, the sectors and the floorplans. The content management system was customised to enable quick and easy editing of the many areas of the site - AMS can control pretty much everything on the site, which is how we like it. As well as creating a site that is exceedingly search engine friendly, we have also maintained an ongoing search engine optimisation (SEO) programme for the site that is designed to compliment their search engine advertising campaign. Finally, the site is cross browser and device compatible (meaning all browsers back to IE6 and smartphones), works without flash or javascript and built with standards, accessibility and usability in mind. It's one of our personal favourite sites.

We needed to refocus our website to attract more customers for our residential product line. The website redesign looks great and the changes were put through with little effort and no issues. Design City we easy to deal with and patient in accommodating for our busy work schedules.

Terry Birnie, Operations Manager—Aussie Modular Solutions

Visit the JDSi website

JDSi Consulting engineers specialise in the development of urban, rural and industrial land projects. We’ve been working with JDSi since their inception, and we’re proud to continue to be a part of their growth as they become a strong player in the land and infrastructure development.

JDSi approached Design City to review their current online presence and provide some suggestion for ways we might evolve the site. Although their previous website had worked well for them, the company had grown to working on multi-million dollar projects—and their website needed to evolve to keep up and continue to add value to their business.

We started with an total design overhaul—our recent work on their Company Profile had evolved the brand significantly which would lead to a ground-up redesign of the website. With some very significant projects under their belts, we wanted the JDSi website to highlight the extensiveness of their experience with case studies on key projects. We integrated photography we took at project sites to enhance the visual appeal of the site and highlight the breadth of work covered by JDSi.

JDSi was also supporting the community, being involved in various charity and community organisations, as well as establishing an Indigenous Scholarship with the University of Western Australia. We wanted to highlight their community-minded spirit and provide an avenue for visitors to get involved as well.

The end result is a well integrated and on-brand website, with images and text combined harmoniously. The site is fully content managed, right down to the affiliation and community logos that hover in colour. Each page has been specifically crafted to highlight the most important information and retain visitor interest right down to the bottom of the page.

JDSi has utilised Design City’s expertise for all our marketing since our inception in 2007, in this short time Design City has played a vital role in establishing our brand in a specialised engineering environment. Our website and branding immediately stood out from our competitors as Design City worked closely with us to capture and portray JDSi in a personal, unique and professional way.

David Hellmuth, Founding Director—JDSi Consulting Engineers

Visit the Barley Southall website

Barley Southall Orthodontics is an orthodontic organisation with over 18 years of experience behind them and 4 clinics currently operating in the Perth region. They came to us searching for a new CMS website design to breathe life into their online presence and reflect their team’s nature, something that would look dynamic and precise, yet warm and open.

Through some careful deliberation and collaboration, we brought their vision to life. The website that was the end product of our results is vibrant and modern, simple to navigate and manage, with plenty of great client photography to bring it all to life. We created a simple way for users to locate and access the clinic closest to them, allowing the site to also serve as a communication hub of sorts. The site was designed to keep up with the times; the amount of manageable content is huge and allows Barley Southall to show off the latest in dental techniques and equipment.

Future proofing is important for us and we endeavour to avoid an expiry date on our sites. With this in mind, we’ve built the site taking the future into account, leaving patients with a reliable way to allow Barley Southall to provide them with a beautiful, natural smile.

MO Consultants provide project management and coordination of, well frankly, technologically difficult projects that scare most people. Well established, they seek to create long term relationships with clients over many projects, where they’re known for their results-driven work.

MO approached Design City to update their online image to make it more engaging and showcase the company as out of the ordinary. They found us though one of our other client websites (New Energy Corporation), and while initial conversations started around the New Energy site, it was clear that MO had their own objectives and needed something quite different to New Energy.

Finally, MO wanted a responsive website, one that would respond to the device it was being viewed on and be perfectly readable and optimised for each device. Employing a responsive design increased reach to all kinds of mobile devices, from tablets to smartphones (to whatever’s next!) and meant that a separate mobile website was unnecessary. The end result is flexible and works well across a large range of devices—have a look on your smartphone or play around resizing the browser with for yourself!

The final site is bold and beautiful, with strong lines, powerful imagery and a condensed typeface. We focussed on highlighting the industries MO serviced, as the needs of each were distinct, showcasing industry-specific projects and offering under each.

Visit New Energy Website

The New Energy site was unique in that not only did it need to fulfil its corporate duty, but also have a more local focus for the communities in and around the project areas. New Energy also had some pretty serious scientific concepts and processes that need to be easily understandable by the general public as well as showcasing the company's commitment to the environment and the communities in which their plants operate.

Design City designed the New Energy website to be professional and corporate, with a bright and friendly side to it. The Home page was created to funnel users to important areas of the site, but also to be entirely editable by New Energy as important events occur and need to have prime-time focus.

Much of the site was to function as an information tool for investors and the general public to learn about the company and their technology and their mission - to generate clean, renewable energy from waste diverted from landfill. To this end, we created interactive diagrams to step through the overall energy process as well as the special and environmentally superior gasification technology. The site is also a resource for the individual communities where projects are being established so they can understand positive impact it will have. This included general information as well as downloads, community news and important frequently asked questions. The site also has an integrated news system which allows the administrators simple access to publishing multiple news articles on any of the site's news sections.

As a company almost fanatical about sustainability, it was important that the site was as sustainable as possible. We organised New Energy on our very own Green Hosting - environmentally sustainable website hosting platform and ensured that things like print stylesheets were optimised so that if the pages were to be printed, they wouldn't waste paper or printer ink.

Visit the Mundella Foods website

Western Region Finalist 2011

Australian Web Awards

Commercial Website, Australian Web Awards 2011

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As Mundella grew, they began releasing new and exciting products and brands - it was now time their website caught up. The challenge with the website was to communicate the brand's natural and friendly personality, engage customers by really showcasing Mundella's products and allow the website to grow and change with the rapidly developing company.

Mundella's audience varies a lot being a retail company. They need to be accessible to a wide range of people, which certainly presents challenges in design and even features. The website needed above all to be family friendly; to appeal to the person who makes most of the purchasing decisions in the household and still be engaging for the rest of the family.

The website we proposed and built for Mundella achieved the following:

  • Conveyed the brand into the online space. The website needed to but fun and exciting with movement, but still accessible. Key focus was on ease of use and 'simplicity': web accessibility was on the top of the list.
  • Focused on the product lines, highlighting the range Mundella created was key for the website.
  • Allowed the client to manage almost every aspect of the website from the content management system. This was key because products, awards, news and health information changed regularly and it was key being able to release the information quickly.
  • Introduced more social networking options to extend its reach better into younger demographics.
  • Compared favourably to much larger dairy producers.
  • Delivered real value for money.

Visit Modun Resources Website

With the plan that we would create a clean and functional projects and investor-based website for Modun, we were inspired to create a couple of really different design options. One was more traditional, corporate and professional; while the other, a unanimous studio favourite, was more sophisticated and modern – while still maintaining the professional. We were obviously on the same page as Modun also appreciated the more modern look – utilising excellent client photography and subtly highlighting the duality of Mongolia – the old and historical with the new and modern.

The site is content managed and allows Modun unprecedented ease of use in making new market announcements and updating their project images and text. The Home page also offers excellent flexibility with plenty of customisable content areas to enable Modun to highlight all important project news. Hosted on super-fast servers, Modun's site is now a benchmark in corporate and listed company websites for our studio.

View the Indo Mines redesign

With significant progress towards their major pig iron project in Indonesia, Indo Mines Limited were looking to mature their brand image, starting with a website update and redesign. The brief was to create a more vibrant and engaging experience to match the momentum of the business, as well as evolve the functionality of the site to allow project videos and better shareholder communication. We also took the opportunity to add some additional information for shareholders about the company's community involvement and the resource itself.

With years of experience with the original site and using the content management system, we were able to work with the client to easily find ways to add value to the current site without blowing the budget. Improvements were made to make the site more flexible to allow Indo Mines to showcase some of their more important news and improve the overall appeal of the site. We've even mapped out some nice additions down the track.

Visit the TVE website

Tank and Vessel Engineering specialise in the servicing, maintenance and repairs of all kinds of tanks and vessels. They work with clients around WA in the rail, industrial, marine, offshore and mining industries and have been enjoying great success working with some of the industries largest players.

TVE approached Design City to update an aging web presence. We worked together to leverage the great work TVE was doing by increasing their exposure in the marketplace. The brief was or a clean website that was user-friendly, suitable for viewing behind company firewalls and on-the-go and would capitalise on their growing name.

The website creates is clean and bold, focussing on the service areas and completed projects to give prospective clients an understanding of the scope of TVE’s work. We also created a client reporting area where TVE can upload reports and create secure login areas for clients to access important information.

Design City has assisted us in developing our company website which I believe is a great success and has definitely added value to the Company. They were extremely professional in every aspect and did a fantastic job. Working with them was a pleasant and easy experience. I would recommend Design City to anyone seeking similar services as their work is nothing but impressive.

Anusha Dassanayake, Systems Manager—Tank and Vessel Engineering (WA) PL

View Heritage Trail Lodge website

Heritage Trail Lodge is a boutique 4 star hotel located in Margaret River. Located right on the edge of the beautiful Bramley Forest overlooking the tall Karri trees, it is an ideal holiday spot for a pampering or just a weekend getaway.

Heritage Trail Lodge came to us looking to modernise their online presence and integrate a new booking engine to take bookings online even easier than before. The new site would allow weekly updates (to content, images, galleries... everything really!) via the content management system in the back-end, as well as new accommodation specials and offers and heaps of information and images on the location, region, rooms and facilities. We integrated email newsletters, social media like Facebook and Twitter, as well Trip Advisor widgets, and the ability to share any page easily. The whole website was designed to really give the visitor a glimpse of the beauty and luxury on offer - and we're really happy with the way the site and design turned out.

Working in a competitive space like accommodation in Margaret River, we worked hard with Heritage Trail Lodge to optimise the site and content for improved Google search rankings. Heritage Trail Lodge are now ranking competitively on their search terms after only a few weeks of the new site being up - a great achievement indeed!

We love the great job Design City did on our new website! It looks absolutely fantastic and the traffic and online bookings have increased enormously since it was published. Their very knowledgeable design and web development teams were excellent. They were very professional and helpful, bringing our project in on time and on budget. We can't recommend them highly enough...

Helen, Heritage Trail Lodge

Visit Risk Point Website

Risk Point came to Design City looking for a website design that really took the business to a new level. As a risk management consulting and advisory business, Risk Point were looking to leverage the advances in technology and social media to get their online presence working harder for them.

We sat down with Risk point at the beginning of the project to talk through some ideas and strategies that would work well for their type of business and we're happy to say much of what was discussed in that meeting made it to the website. The brief for the website design was to create a site which was clean, professional and evolved the current corporate branding. We were also involved in creating graphics for many of Risk Point's models, with the difficulty being keeping a balance between something that is visually appealing, easy to understand and easy to follow.

We worked directly with Risk Point's website developer for this project, who did the website build from our visuals.

Visit Demeter Wealth Website

In the newest incarnation of the Demeter Wealth Management website (we worked on their old site, back in, gosh, 2005?), our main focus was to really highlight how different Demeter is from your average financial services company. From the dozens of inspirational quotes and stunning imagery, the site is friendly, inviting and a pleasure to use: what a change from some of their competitors!

The inclusion of the client centre that brings together the latest news, reviews, videos, case studies and FAQs is a great plus for keeping clients in the loop. Updated regularly, the site will keep working for Demeter for a long time to come. We also worked to highlight a call to action on key pages, leading people to book that appointment or register for the seminar.

All in all we’re pumped about the new Demeter Wealth Management site – take a look around and we think you might be too!

Working with the team at Design City has delivered - not just a visual website for publication - but an opportunity to explore who and what demeter stands for, the values encompassed, the clients we act for, and the services we offer. Building our online presence with Design City allowed for the integration of visual, commercial and ethical concepts that were once just thoughts. We now have an online presence that accurately reflects our business intentions, and works seamlessly with our in-house business offering… Thanks Team, it continues to be an unfolding and rewarding experience working with you…

Gerri Scott, Senior Associate, Demeter Wealth Management

Visit Hot Chili Website

Hot Chili Limited currently making the important position from explorer to project developer. Hot Chili has a portfolio of large multi-commodity copper projects in Chile and with rapid growth in the value of the company, it has outperformed most of its peers recently. Productora is Hot Chili’s flagship multi-commodity copper project, with an operating underground mine and large-scale multi-commodity copper resources amenable to multi-km scale open pit operations.

Following on from their successful IPO (or Intital Public Offering), Hot Chili needed an investor website that was informative and as easy to use as possible. On the top of the to-do list was a projects section that highlighted the advances they'd made on their projects and an investor section capable of evolving with the company and providing investors with all the information they need (as well as fulfilling their legal requirements from ASIC). We also did some copywriting for Hot Chili to help focus the content and really highlight the important aspects of the projects clearly (especially important since the content was specifically written for the more verbose Prospectus). The site also included a newsletter manager that allowed Hot Chili to email investors important news and releases as they happen.

Hot Chili rebranded in 2011 and we reskinned and updated the website to match this new branding. From here the website was much cleaner and visual, focusing on the new achievements of the company.