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For many of your customers, a visit to your website will be their first interaction with your brand. That first impression counts for a lot. We can help to make sure that the introduction is a positive one by working with you to understand your requirements and developing an online presence that adds real value to your business. Our web designers and programmers have a complete set of skills to create and implement any type of digital project. Needless to say, all of our website designs are standards-based and user-focused.

Website services

We aim to make your website effective, accessible and search-engine friendly with a complete range of digital services including affordable web design, content management systems, website programming, website hosting, domain name registration and management, web marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), email marketing, e-brochures, interactive PDFs, interactive brochures and flip-books, PowerPoint presentations, CD/DVD presentations, ongoing maintenance and client support.

Visit the Barley Southall website

Barley Southall Orthodontics is an orthodontic organisation with over 18 years of experience behind them and 4 clinics currently operating in the Perth region. They came to us searching for a new CMS website design to breathe life into their online presence and reflect their team’s nature, something that would look dynamic and precise, yet warm and open.

Through some careful deliberation and collaboration, we brought their vision to life. The website that was the end product of our results is vibrant and modern, simple to navigate and manage, with plenty of great client photography to bring it all to life. We created a simple way for users to locate and access the clinic closest to them, allowing the site to also serve as a communication hub of sorts. The site was designed to keep up with the times; the amount of manageable content is huge and allows Barley Southall to show off the latest in dental techniques and equipment.

Future proofing is important for us and we endeavour to avoid an expiry date on our sites. With this in mind, we’ve built the site taking the future into account, leaving patients with a reliable way to allow Barley Southall to provide them with a beautiful, natural smile.