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Graphic Misconceptions

  • May 2019
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Graphic Design has come a long way.  Today, we touch on some of the common misconceptions we have come across at Design City in recent years.


Graphic Design is just about creating logos.

One common misconception is that Graphic Design is Logo creation. “Your logo is the first step in creating a cohesive graphic design portfolio, but it is about so much more than just your logo” says Alyssa Miller-McWha.  In fact it is just one small component in the grand scheme of graphic design.  Logos are an important asset for any business. They become an emblem of your company, which people will come to identify with your brand values and what you offer. 


Graphic Design is only for print mediums.

Graphic design encompasses a wide range of digital mediums, perhaps even more so than print. This includes website banners, social media graphics, and email newsletters. Many graphic designers even find that their roles cross over with web and user experience design, content creation and social media.


Graphic Design is not only still images

Graphic design is no longer limited to still imagery or graphics. As video continues to grow into one of the most powerful advertising mediums, animation and videos are becoming an important part of the graphic design toolkit.


Fonts are Important to Graphic Design

The art of arranging text is one of the key elements of creating beautiful designs. However, this is not simply about choosing a font that looks good. You must consider which font type suits your brand message, values and target demographic.  


Graphic design is about flowing with visual trends

As with any creative industry, trends rapidly come and go. It's the job of graphic designers to stay on the pulse of these trends, but not be a slave to them.


Graphic Design is about making things pretty

One of the biggest misconceptions about graphic design is that it is simply about making things look ‘pretty’ or aesthetically pleasing. The objective of the design isn’t always to make the audience think, “Oh, that looks pretty”. Sometimes, it’s to shock the viewer, prompt thought, or even make them angry.


Graphic design is about what the creator things looks good

Graphic designers are required to put their personal tastes aside in order to create visuals that are going to resonate with their audience. 


Graphic Design doesn’t have to be an original 

Originality is important when it comes to graphic design—it’s what allows you to set your brand apart from competitors. However, this doesn’t mean you have to create 100% original designs from scratch every time you want to make visual materials.  Thinking outside the square can often lead to recreating something you already have and making it better.  


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