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Moving to HTTPS will improve user trust, SEO and site security.


It’s time to switch your website over to secure HTTPS

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  • May 2017
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It’s recently become a lot more affordable to serve your website using the secure ‘HTTPS’ protocol, rather than the insecure ‘HTTP’. With this shift, search engines and browsers like Google will start making changes that notify users when websites aren’t run using the secure HTTPS.

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What is HTTPS?

The “S” in HTTPS stands for “Secure”. It’s the secure version of the standard way your web browser communicates with websites and applications.

Your browser will show you that you are connected securely with a padlock or green area in the address bar.

HTTPS ensures that the communication between you and the website is encrypted—which means nobody can intercept the information you send to the website, or the information the website sends you.

While this has been standard for ecommerce websites for a long time, it is now becoming more important for all websites to be accessed securely.

How does this affect your website?

https seo

Search Engines are already prioritising websites served over HTTPS

Although it is a small ranking factor, it could potentially provide a small keyword boost. Moz reports that the number of HTTPS results on Google’s first page has risen from 30% to 50% over a period of 9 months in April 2017.

https warning

Browsers will add new ‘Not secure’ warnings for users

Later this year, Google’s Chrome browser will begin to show a warning message to users where the page is not served over HTTPS. Other browsers will not be far behind.

https trust

Users will see your site as more trustworthy

Using HTTPS provides an additional trust factor in the eyes of users when they see ‘secure’ or the green padlock at the top of their browser.

Not sure? Ask the experts.

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