New Year, Rebrand

New Year, Rebrand?

  • Feb 2018
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As we start to get comfortable in 2018, and back into the grind of it all, its time to take a step back for a sense check on your brand and how its all connected.

Before it gets too hectic lets take the time to do a brand health check and ensure your business is sitting where it needs to, looking how it should, and working with whom it should be.

2018 is set to be a big year, with loads of opportunity on the horizon.  How are you going to make the most of it?  And how can you be sure you are ready to take it all on?

Your brand is a sensitive wee thing.  Its a collection of understanding what your business is, what your products and/or services stand for and how you position yourself.  But is your brand defined by your business, or by the market it sits in?  And when should you be considering a Brand Overhaul?

Here are some things to consider:

1. Market Share 

Market Share offers a strong indication as to how the market is performing and where your brand sits.  A quick review of market share can uncover the results of new competition entering the market, change in consumer trends and customer loyalty.  

Understanding where you sit and how your brand performs year on year with give you an good indication as to when you need to consider a rebrand. 

2. Business Strategy

Have you added new products or services into your portfolio?  Are you targeting a new market or changing who you talk to all together?  Major changes to your strategy have an impact on your brand and how you position yourself.

3. Damage Control

Have any significant incidents impacted your business or how it fits into the market? Depending on the extremity of this you could require anything from a simple refocus through to a complete refresh of your brand. 

4. Inconsistent Messages

Are your marketing messages aligned or do they contradict themselves?  Inconsistent or confused messaging is a a strong indicator of a lack of clarity within your business and the need to relook and how everything rolls together.

5. Social Sentiment

Do you engage with your social media and understand what people are saying about your brand?  Social media offers timely, honest and raw feedback.  Reviewing this can give you a strong understanding of how your brand is tracking and where you might need to focus.

If any of these areas raise red flags, or something is just not sitting right for you, perhaps its time to get in touch with us and chat about how we can help position you better in the marketplace.

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