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Strong brands increase awareness and boost your business

  • Nov 2013
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Strong branding is about establishing a positive reputation and building an image of trust to consumers. In your marketing, a clever brand will go one step further to create an emotional bond and make you stand out from the crowd.Your brand is a 'trust mark' for your business.

A brand has to be nurtured. When managing your brand, keep the three Cs at the front of your mind. It takes time, thought and consistent application. It’s about caring for the big picture and the small detail.


A credible brand will act as a 'short cut' in your customer's decision making process and acts as an influence of choice. Brands reflect the way a business behaves and the way it's portrayed. This close connection will ensure that your customer’s instinctive reaction is one of trust and belief in your brand to create long term loyalty.


A successful brand is based on clearly defined values that are important to your customers and that differentiate you from your competitors. A clear understanding of these values throughout your brand will ensure that they are communicated through “everything you say and everything you do.”


The position of a brand comes through recognition and recognition comes from consistent application of every visible manifestation of your brand. All ‘touch points’ that your customers experience, create an opportunity to build trust, brand loyalty and develop long-term value.

Design City understand brands and we believe in the power of creativity to transform businesses. We help to develop brand strategies, guide your brand material and maintain consistency across all your communication.

We manage everything brand-related: from your repositioning and marketing material to every piece of brand communication. Our desire is to create a positive brand experience through close collaboration and on-going involvement. By understanding your requirements and having a strong sense of the whole brand picture, we develop positive strategies and deliver effective brand solutions.

Would like some help developing and managing your brand? Get in touch today at or call Margit on 93812666.

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