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Successful Business Relationships

  • Sep 2019
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Successful business relies on successful relationships.  Simple.  This includes relationships with your team, customers, suppliers and stakeholders.  Everyone who comes in contact with your business is a relationship that needs to be successful in order for your business to be successful.


The emotional equity you invest into your relationships as a business creates emotional value, which in turn offers success for your business and adds to the overall value of your brand.


Your business “blueprint” determines what you do and sets the framework for achieving the relationships you desire, and in turn a successful business.  By empowering your team with instinctive intelligence and understanding of your brand energy, your team learns how to contribute positively with your customers, suppliers and stakeholders creating a domino effect. 


So how to we ensure successful relationships?  A great place to start is with a Brand Energy blueprint.  This will help you to strategically and effectively fuel and build your brand and business value, weaving it into everything you do.  It also clearly outlines your most powerful competitive advantages.


Customers want more, they also want to buy emotional equity.  They want to feel important, special, included, empowered and loved.  They are shopping for the experience of your product and their emotional receptors are engaged at every stage.  They are monitoring how the experience of your marketing, sales process and service, your product and after sales relationships make them feel.  If they experience a negative emotion at any point throughout the process this can greatly damage the overall relationship.


A great example of this type of emotional relationship comes from a good sales rep.  The kind you find in some electronic stores… you know the ones, they start a conversation with you, ask your name and involve themselves with you on a personal level.  It feels comfortable and you enjoy speaking to them, they offer you a “best price” on the item you want and away you go.  Chances are the next time you need to buy something you will be more likely to return to the same store and seek out that same sales rep because you have build an emotional rapport with them.  And so begins the successful business relationship.


A good sales rep is not speed dating, sure there are some out there for a quick buck, but they offer no emotional support, and no reason to return.  More often than not these days they want to develop a friendship with their customer, earn their trust and respect and nurture these relationships into positive long term partnerships.


Your brand energy manifest and wraps your product.  It is expressed through all your interactions and operations, from your product development, your marketing, service and customer care.  Your brand energy creates your reputation or brand in the marketplace and is your unique and most powerful competitive advantage.


Positive brand energy attracts, connects, energises, empowers, drives and fulfils your market - your customers, stakeholders, suppliers, team, managers and directors.  Everyone who comes in contact with your business.


Its who you really are as a business and what you really have to offer behind your physical product.  This brand energy is generated by everyone who works for and represents you, so you need your whole team involved.  So lets start on your blueprint today.

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