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It’s been said that the best brands are built on great stories. There's a lot of truth in that. Because the fact is, every element of your brand, from the colours of your logo and the design of your website, to your customer’s experience, are all part of your brand narrative. And every one of these elements should reflect your brand personality back to your customers.

At Design City we can help you tell your story in unique and engaging ways. And in doing so, help you build a successful, sustainable business—and ultimately a brand that people love.

Your brand from A to Z

Your brand extends across all the facets of your business. So whether you want a fully immersive website, a style guide, a compelling company profile, or a unique identity, we can help.

For brands of all shapes and sizes

Whether you’re a start-up or established company, we understand that every business is different. And it really doesn’t matter where you are in your business life cycle, we can help you at every stage of the process and ensure your story has impact wherever it’s seen and heard.

Brand Naming

When you’re a start-up, perception is everything. Which is why your brand name is so important. Our creative, highly collaborative approach is designed to ensure that we tailor a brand name that speaks to your company philosophy, and stands you head and shoulders above your competitors.

Brand Launch

When launching a new brand, we’ll start by working out a strategy which defines your goals. From here we’ll work with you to discover all materials that need updating with the new look and create your suite of marketing collateral that aligns perfectly with your brand ethos. Our rollout plan will ensure we can deliver on time and on budget.

Brand Evolution

Brand evolution is a smart decision when you’ve grown beyond your current identity in a competitive market environment. We can work with you to evolve and grow your brand and reposition it in the industry.  And that doesn't mean changing everything—in fact, if something is working well then we’ll leave it. Of course, if there’s something that needs a tweak, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Brand Refresh

As your customers’ needs change, it’s important to move with the times. If your brand needs a refresh our creative team can help you re-tell your story in new and unexpected ways. And if you’re looking for a ‘level it and start again approach’ we can roll out a complete transformation that works seamlessly across every part of your brand collateral.

Brand Expansion

As your business grows, so do your brand needs. If your core brand is working, but you need to expand the ecosystem around it, we can help.  We’ll focus on maintaining your brand identity while expanding it into new areas, such as new website, company profile or marketing materials.

Brand Focus

Effective branding requires consistent messaging—something that’s doesn’t always come naturally for organically evolved brands. We can work with you to ensure your brand strategy and messaging always hits the mark and stays relevant to your customers in a fast changing marketplace.

An end to end approach to branding

Branding underpins your sales and marketing funnel. And when it’s done well it will reinforce the value of your product or service in the minds of your customers – and give you an edge over competitors. At Design City we offer end-to-end branding solutions that cover everything from websites and style guides, through to annual reports and logo creation. And over the years we’ve been lucky enough to work with ambitious start-ups, expanding organisations, and companies that simply want to reinvigorate their brand.

Brand Audit

With a comprehensive audit, we can assess what’s working and what’s not, before giving you real, practical advice on those touchpoints that can be improved. From there we’ll create a well-defined plan that is designed to keep your brand sparkling and your customers smiling.

Brand Strategy

A brand is only as effective as the strategy behind it. So we’ll start by sitting down and thinking about the big-picture. We can then define the essence of your brand, and how it connects and moves people. From here we can then build a bullet-proof strategy that defines your long-term goals, and how best to get there.

Brand Development

At Design City we can help you develop a brand that inspires, influences and makes a memorable impact whenever your customers engage with it. We’ll bring your story to life through new marketing materials from internal templates and employee communications, right through to customer-facing signage, marketing materials and your website.

Brand Management

Think of us as your in-house branding department. As your brand guardian we’ll oversee and manage every facet of your brand collateral, ensuring consistency and tone of voice across all marketing materials, tenders, social media, and media releases.

Brand Guidelines

From simple rules on logo usage, colour palettes and photography styles, through to recommendations on tone of voice and copy, we can create style guidelines that are easy are to follow and ensure the same high standards are applied to your brand wherever it’s seen.

Brand Communications

Every customer interaction builds your brand’s reputation. So when we work on your brand communications we’ll ensure you have consistency across all media channels. We’ll keep your brand message authentic, engaging and well considered.

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