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Mastergroup & Reep

Mastergroup provides financial software to give businesses clarity and strengthen growth.

With the upcoming launch of their new budgeting and cash flow software, Reep, we were asked to help with the brand identity, a website and user experience design. Since then we’ve worked with their team on other websites and marketing materials, ensuring they maintain the brand values of the established & respected business.

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Reep’s product website is designed to bring clarity to what can be a confusing product category and to build brand consistency. We worked directly with in-house developers on integrations and kept pace with the busy product team to be ready for launch.

As the parent company, the Mastergroup website needed to showcase the company’s values of information, collaboration and clarity and how these values go into every Mastergroup product. As part of a strategy to grow the owners personal brands, on-site photography, and website team / blog sections were created.


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Identity & Messaging

We stepped in to help Mastergroup during a pivotal stage of their product Reep’s creation: identity creation. With options from other agencies, they weren’t feel in the connection with the options they had and the brand they wanted. With an understanding of the business, we created an identity and style guide that continued through the Reep app’s user interface as well, where we extended the colour and visual palette.

We assisted with brand communications including a tagline and mantra based on a well-documented strategy. We assisted with key messaging for users starting out with the software to help make the best of it.

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Marketing Collateral

Launching a successful product takes a lot of work and smarts—especially as one as groundbreaking as Reep. We assisted in creating marketing collateral including brochures, event signage and displays as well as merchandise to give Mastergroup the support they needed to make the launch a success.


To help introduce new users to their products at roadshows and events, we created printed brochures for Reep and Agrimaster. The brochures were focussed on key messaging, working to simplify financial software, showcasing the benefits of the solutions and the key integrations with MYOB and Xero.

reep brochure

Event Signage

Launching a new product involves plenty of conferences, events and roadshows. We helped put their best foot forward with signage designed to maximise visual impact, including conference booths and furniture, posters and banners.

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To keep the brands top of mind, we designed merchandise and event collateral. Our social media strategy included a photo frame competition with the hashtag #growwithreep to generate interest online. To increase time in-booth at events, we helped with games and competitions for kids.

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Reep User Interface

We love working with businesses on improving user experience, so designing the Reep user interface was a dream job for us. We designed the entire interface, including navigation, dialogues, data tables and graphs. We created high-fidelity prototypes of each individual interface element for testing, then combined it all into a style guide with specs and documentation for the development team.

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Graphs & Data

We helped Mastergroup display data in a way that helps inform user decisions in a clear and simple way. A palette of colours for data visualisation and graphs was created, selected based on lightness and hue contrast. Interactive elements like date ranges were styled to provide the maximum glanceable information while not being overpowering.

reep interface graphs

User Workflow

We utilised Google Material Design as a starting point for the design system and icons. We expanded this to easily take users through the workflow, help screens and data tables. High-fidelity prototypes allowed us to test and iterate on the design before implementation by the development team.

Intuitive controls means slicing the information in a way that’s most important to to the user is simple and natural.

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