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New Energy is in a unique position to make a real difference to our environment through its sustainable waste-to-energy technology. Needless to say, we hit it off immediately.


New Energy Corporation

New Energy develops waste-to-energy projects to make waste management and energy production more sustainable. Their mission is to generate clean, renewable energy from waste diverted from landfill.

We’ve been with New Energy right from the beginning, working with them to create and manage many aspects of their brand. We’ve created marketing materials, press advertising, community engagement materials, a website, infographics, reports and templates—to name but a few.

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newenergy website


Balanced between professional & corporate, and bright & friendly, the New Energy site is more than an investor tool.

The site’s main function is to educate investors and the general public about the company and technology. Interactive diagrams step users through the waste to energy process. The site is also a hub for critical information for local communities around proposed plants.

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Logo and Identity

We helped create a full identity for New Energy, including logo, stationery, email footer and templates. The logo and corporate green are bold and showcases the company's sustainable and forward-thinking technology. Together with renewable stocks for all printed work, the entire New Energy brand lives & breathes sustainability, innovation and the future.

newenergy identity
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Interactive Diagrams

There's nothing better than a clear, interactive diagram to help stakeholders understand a complex process. The interactive waste to energy diagram on the New Energy website focuses visitors on the important aspects of the process while leaving them free to explore at their own pace.

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Reports and Profiles

We completed a number of technical reports and company profiles for New Energy. Some of the challenging environmental reports reached over 500 pages. Company profiles were completed in multiple languages and set the scene for the waste to energy market and the technical benefits of the New Energy technology.

newenergy profile
newenergy square PER
newenergy square profile

The challenges for you were constant and ongoing, and I was so impressed by your efforts....I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Design City to any company or individual seeking to engage a design “partner” who focusses on the client’s success not just billing hours.

Jason Pugh New Energy Corporation

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