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Design City Campaign Brief Advert

We recently put an advert into Campaign Brief magazine to show off our new branding and website – with an emphasis on the value of good branding. The advert ended with a simple link to our brag (what you’re reading right now). We love the term ‘brag’. It’s this great tongue-in-cheek expression; the epitome of what graphic and web designer portfolios are about: showing off! 

The advert is an extension of our current branding, using bold typographic styles and monochrome colours. The key phrase encourages readers to consider the value of good design that delivers great branding. Inspired by the vintage badges (that are oh-so popular with hipsters these days!), we created a raised red badge to draw the reader’s attention to the brag and the matching web address. In fact, we like the buttons so much, we’re going to make our own range – so stay tuned!

How are you representing your brand in your advertising and marketing campaign? Clear messaging and focussed design provide consistency and consolidate your brand value. Off-target adverts can dilute your current brand value – like a game of tug-of-war, pulling in different directions gets you nowhere, quickly.

Effective branding builds trust and promotes awareness. If you’re looking to take your brand to the next level, perhaps we should have a chat.

Design City's Campaign Brief 2012 Directory Advert

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