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Bishop & Clove Identity

A boutique café is the perfect way to describe Bishop & Clove in Jolimont. It is run by Mary and her family, whose attention to detail in both food and presentation is stand out. Mary's main intent is to produce food that is not only fresh and flavoursome but also full of the passion, from pasta to sandwiches, breakfast, lunch and even take away dinners are covered. Feeling in a 'sweet' mood, enjoy the beautiful small cakes and patisseries too, made fresh daily.

Mary had a clear idea of what she wanted to capture for her brand identity - clean, simple and distinctive - to convey a sense of quality and stand out from other cafes.The outcome is a strong, simple logotype that establishes a feeling of quality and remains unique from the competition.The identity has successfully been applied to indoor and outdoor signage, a stamp and stickers to apply to the food packaging and displays.

Definitely stop by to taste the food and great in-house or drive-through Fiori coffee!

Bishop & Clove paper bag with logo stamp
Bishop & Clove roll of stickers
Bishop & Clove stack of business cards
Bishop & Clove frame message
Bishop & Clove cake with logo stamp

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