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iPrintPlus Rebranding

The quality of digital printing has improved leaps and bounds in recent years, it's now seen as the go-to option for short run printing. Colour consistency and fast lead times are words that put a smile on any graphic designers face! Optima Digital are a well-established digital printing and mailing company who supply it all using state of the art equipment and processes, unfortunately their brand was still dancing to the sounds of the 90’s and desperately needed some new threads! 

First thing to go was the name, out went Optima Digital and in came iprintplus, ‘i’ for information, ‘print’ because that’s what they do around the clock and ‘plus’ because there’s more to this company than just printing! The client wanted a modern, refreshing, colourful, dynamic logo in tune with the industry and engaging to clients. The ‘i’ became the focal point, it was stylised to form an abstract character, used as a stand-alone element and italicised to convey speed of delivery and service. Now for the specky part, because there’s more than one string to this company’s operations bow, we added a byline to the logo that can be changed as new services are added and marketed. Splashed with a full set of CMYK colours and a unique shade of lime green representing the environmental advantages digital printing offers, the logo covered all bases. 

Release the brand! What better than a personalised DL mailer with business card to introduce and show off the new look, printed, varnished, diecut, folded and mailed to clients, new and existing, in under 24hrs!

It’s a rebrand that’s certainly hit the ground running, so stay tuned: there’s more in the pipeline from iprintplus. If your brand could do with a squeaky clean refresh give us a call, we’d love to talk to you.

iPrintPlus new brand identity and rebranding
iPrintPlus mailout with old brand identity
iPrintPlus Rebranding mail-out
iPrintPlus rebrand - brand signage

When we decided it was time for a complete rebrand for our business we had no hesitation in choosing Alyssa, Paul and the great team at Design City to do the job for us as we have been working with them for well over eight years and always found their designs to be very eye catching and the team always willing to go the extra mile and think outside of the square.

The brief we gave the team at Design City was, to say the very least, a very sketchy and of little help to them in what we wanted! Basically they were told to come up with something new, vibrant and to ensure it encompassed everything we do and were left to get on with it. We believe the outcome was absolutely brilliant and we were all thrilled with every aspect of their work.

We have no hesitation in recommending the fantastic team at Design City for any website and general design you require.

Gary King, Managing Director, iPrintPlus

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