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Unique and memorable identities

With the flexibility to evolve as your business changes.

Identity & Logos

Whether you’re looking for a complete rebrand, or simply looking to breathe new life into your existing one, we’ll work with you develop a strong and memorable brand that truly sets you apart in the industry.

We’ll start by looking at every aspect of your organisation, discovering what makes your business tick, and finding out where your business is heading in the future.

Finally, by pairing this knowledge with our craft, we’ll create a unique and memorable identity with the flexibility to evolve as your business changes.

Our Proven Process

Brands aren’t just made, they’re carefully crafted. It’s only through our creative strategy of really getting to know your business and what it’s about that we’re able to help it grow into something special.

Research & Brief

We first start with a detailed brief. This gives us the chance to get to know your business and fully understand exactly how it works.


We don’t just provide you with one idea, our team of talented designers will generate 2 - 6 concepts for you to review, complete with the strategy behind them.

Identity Brief and Concepts steps 1 and 2

Review & Refine

During the review process, we’ll explain the strategy behind our concepts so you understand the reasoning behind every aspect, from colours to fonts, balance to space. Once reviewed, we’ll then work with you to refine the concept you choose.


With a thorough understanding of print & web-safe colours, our design boffins will ensure you look the part regardless of medium. Got a growing enterprise? Talk to us about a family brand suite of identities.

Identity Review and Colours steps 3 and 4

Style Guide

To ensure your new identity remains consistent across all of your brand communications, a style guide is worth its weight in gold. Included in the guide are formal guidelines for internal and external brand use.


We don’t just help create your brand, we help evolve it. By creating a strong foundation, your new brand can spread across all elements of your business including marketing, products, websites, stationery, signage and more.

Identity Style Guide and Evolution steps 5 and 6

Identity & Brand Services


A strong business needs a strong foundation. As a new business starting out, you need a professional identity from which to grow.

Just because you’re a new business, doesn’t mean your identity should be restricted by your budget. At Design City, we have a strong focus on value with everything we do.

Brand Refresh

Want to breathe new life into your brand? If you want to protect and strengthen an already established brand, we can rework your existing identity to bring it more in line with how your company wants to be perceived.

With decades of experience in brand refreshes, we’re happy to guide you through every aspect, ensuring that your signage, stationery and templates are updated to reflect your new identity.

Brand Expansion

If you’ve recently merged or acquired a new business, a more strategic approach is required when it comes to rebranding or extending a current brand. We’re also well positioned to help you create divisions or develop umbrella brands, endorsed brands and house of brands.

What sets us apart

As the face of your business your brand identity needs to be carefully crafted to ensure it represents the values, strengths, and passions of your business.


Failing to plan is planning to fail. It’s the strategy behind everything we do that means we can craft identities that embody every aspect of your business.


With over 16 years experience of providing on brand solutions to businesses, you can rest assured knowing that your project will be delivered on the agreed deadline and budget.

Professional Process

Your identity is a fundamental part of your business, so it’s important you choose someone you can trust. With our streamlined process, we’ll craft an identity that’s as unique as you are.

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