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GCS Company Profile

Global Construction Services, a leading supplier of integrated on-site products and services nationally, contracted Design City to update their 2013 Company Profile / Corporate Profile in an innovative and engaging way.

Having already evolved the GCS branding style for the 2013 Annual Report, we set about translating this new style to the corporate profile. To give the document a professional and unique feel, we decided that a 4-page gate-fold central spread would work a treat. The centre pages fold out into the full spread from the centre, giving the appearance of a gate. Not only does it dramatically showcase the extensive range of GCS products and services, but also to grabs the reader's attention and holds their interest.

The document includes a great sampler of the stunning on-site photography that we've taken on GCS projects throughout the year. They are a dramatic and engaging presence in the document and help give the reader a full understanding of the bredth of GCS's services and work.

The profile has a UV varnish of the key message  "Your leading supplier of integrated products and services" on the cover. The high-gloss UV varnish finish against the matt-laminated solid red cover really stands out and give the document a sophisticated and very professional feel.

GCS Company Profile Cover with UV Varnish
GCS Gate Fold to reveal Products and Services
GCS Company Profile Highlighting Key Values
GCS Company Profile Gate Fold
GCS Company Profile Health and Safety Spread
GCS Company Profile Gate Fold
GCS UV Varnish of Key Message

Despite the rise of social media solutions, a professionally produced Company Profile is still our preferred marketing tool for presenting our business. It allows GCS to quickly and easily present key information to both existing and potential customers as well as investors. Design City have done an outstanding job with our latest Profile, helping us to further build our image and add credibility to our company. A succinct summary of our organisation’s purpose, function, and outlook.

Brendan Krepp, Marketing Coordinator—Global Construction Services Limited

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