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Photography can create a powerful story for your brand. What’s yours?


Images are everywhere, from billboards to magazines, websites to flyers. No matter how eye-catching the headline, or provocative the copy, the image is the first thing that attracts the attention of the viewer and creates an emotional connection.

At Design City, we focus on creating imagery that connects, evokes and ultimately tells a story. Our talented photographers produce photography that is genuine, expressive and enhances your brand. From strategic product and service photography, right through to image manipulation and art direction, let us help create an emotional connection with your audience.

Commercial Photography

We understand how important it is for your business to not just connect, but make a lasting impression on your customers. The best way to achieve this is through professional, sharp and well executed photography.

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Projects & Plant

Looking for professional on-site or industrial photography that will showcase your capabilities? We’re experts at finding those unique moments and interesting angles to best promote your business.

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Office & Corporate

How your business is perceived depends on how it is conveyed in your photos.

To make sure you showcase your business in the best way possible, it’s important you capture the personality of your business through dynamic, well constructed shot.

Our photo specialists can help capture your business in its best light so you stand out in a competitive market.

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Portraits & People

Your photos are how you present yourself to the world. As visual communication specialists, we will not only help you choose a style to suit your company or project, but ensure it’s schedule to have minimum impact on your workforce.

Brand Photography

Behind every great brand, there’s an even greater story. As brand photographers, we dig down to find the heart and soul of your business and capture it in powerful, well crafted images.

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Product photography isn’t as simple as point and click. So to make sure your product looks as appealing as possible, we consider all aspects of the photograph before it’s taken. Offering product styling and full manipulation services, we’ll make your product shine.

So whether it’s on white in our studio or in-situ at your location, we can create amazing images of your products for your website, ecommerce site or catalogue.

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Advertising & Marketing

Whether you’re looking for the perfect hero shots for your billboard or the perfectly styled food photo, we can help.  We can craft powerful images to enhance your product and brand.

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When it comes to food, we eat with our eyes just as much as our mouths. From menus to magazines, websites to packaging, you need attention grabbing images that tempt the tastebuds. Whether it’s studio photography with a food-stylist, or on-location at your restaurant/kitchen, we can help create high quality photography as fresh and delicious as the food itself.

Photography Services

More than just experts behind the lens when it comes to corporate and brand photography, we’re also highly experienced in the pre- & post production of images.

Retouching/Photo Manipulation

Need a little extra work done? From retouching people, replacing background, colour adjustments and inserting your logo, to cropping and masking, we’ll enhance your photos without taking away its natural look. Trust our expert retouchers to have you and your team looking like a million dollars.

Art Direction

Got all the ingredients, but not sure what to do with them? Our Visual Chefs (aka Art Directors) will bring it all together in perfect harmony to produce something truly amazing. From initial planning and designing, right through to the strategy and execution, our Art Directors know exactly what’s required to get the best outcome possible for your project.


An art in itself, the styling of your shot can make a huge difference to the way your product is perceived. Our talented team of style aficionados know exactly what’s required to make every shot a hero shot.

Image Library

More and more businesses are turning to bespoke photography services to provide them with an image library of photographs that truly reflects their business and promote their services in the best way possible. More powerful than stock images, a custom image library can be used to across multiple marketing applications, including websites, brochures, signage, tenders, annual reports and presentations.

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