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Global Construction Services Limited Annual Report 2012

As one of the less ‘sexy’ aspects of design, report design is easy to overlook. Pages of text, financial information and, oh gosh, all those tables! But reports—good reports—can easily communicate complex information. And only a handful of companies understand how important Reports can be to add shareholder value and boost your image in the market.

GCS were looking to go bigger and better than last year. Starting with a unique landscape format, the report is as much excellent marketing material as it is excellent reporting. Internally, the report showcases the scope of GCS projects with double-page spreads of on-site photography, highlighting their key values of Quality, Performance, Reliability and Experience. We do a lot of photography with GCS, and the Annual Report is the perfect showcase for some amazing shots and amazing projects—from the QEII Medical Centre, to Fiona Stanley Hospital, Worsley Cogen Project and Parker Point Fuel Wharf.

Infographics are used internally to not only easily express complicated financial metrics across multiple years, but also keep the report interesting and fresh. The financial information has been set out to be everything an investor could want: easy to read, digest and understand.

The report is finished with a UV varnish of the GCS key values on a matt-laminated cover.

GCS Annual Report 2012 Cover with Spot UV Varnish
GCS Annual Report 2012 Resource & Industrial Spread
GCS Annual Report 2012 Corporate Highlights
GCS Annual Report 2012 Financial Spread
GCS Annual Report 2012 Cover
GCS Annual Report 2012 Feature Spreads-Quality
GCS Annual Report 2012 Feature Spreads-Experience
GCS Annual Report 2012 Customer Sectors
GCS Annual Report 2012 Resource & Industrial Sector
GCS Annual Report 2012 Financials

Once again Design city has delivered an eye-catching Annual Report for GCS. From inception and planning, through to copy and photography, and finally to print management and delivery. The team has the ability to surprise us every year with stunning visuals and unique concepts. Essential for any company looking to showcase its professionalism to shareholders and potential investors.

Brendan Krepp, Marketing Coordinator—Global Construction Services Limited

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