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Design City Business Cards

We were looking to create new business cards that worked with our new branding and really focus on the sustainable and dual-purpose nature of design. Before coming up with the final concept for the cards, we knew that we had to create cards that could fulfil a few simple tasks:

  • They needed to be a normal card size while still being different (something we got lots of compliments on from our previous cards!)
  • They should showcase the possibilities and even inspire people's imaginations
  • They needed to be reusable in some meaningful way.

Firstly, we went with a boxboard stock that really feels recycled and gives that cards some real texture and warmth. We then ran a few tests on different printing methods and ended up foiling the cards with white and black foil to achieve the vivid colours on an uncoated stock.

In order to keep the cards reusable, we created a square bookmark with a custom diecut around the logo that can perforate away from the contact details and be used to keep your place in a book or document - at home or in the office.

Design City's business cards white and black foiling feature quote
Design City's business cards white and black foiling feature die cut
Design City's business cards with perforated and die cut feature

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