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Email Campaigns

Email newsletters you’ll actually use. Whether you call them email alerts, email newsletters, email blasts or EDMs, InTouch makes it easy to communicate with your current customers, attract new customers and grow your business in a measurable way.

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Email is still relevant and effective

With your spam folder filled with offers for genuine replica watches and Nigerian oil money, you could be forgiven for thinking email is on its way out. The facts, however, show that 92% of internet users are sending or reading email, compared to just half using social media. For ten years in a row, email is the channel generating the highest ROI for marketers—$38 in ROI for every $1 spent.

The benefits of email

Cost Effective

With low overheads, there isn’t a more cost-effective way to talk to your customers directly.

Builds Relationships

A well thought-out campaign can strengthen customer loyalty and build trust for the future.

Marketing Mix

As part of an integrated marketing push, there is no better channel. You can inform, follow-up or sell—all without getting in anyone’s face.

Quick Results

You will have results in minutes rather than days, which allows for targeted messaging and immediate feedback on cut-through.


Segment your email list by geographic location, purchase history and even gender and age to send tailored messages to improve conversion rates.

Detailed Feedback

You’ll have comprehensive statistics about InTouch and open rates, how many links were clicked and even how many sales you made.


You speak to people interested in listening, instead of relying on interested people having to find you.


 Humans are naturally social creates, and email allows your marketing message to be shared across social networks and email.


We'll set up your account, customised email & even load your customers to help you get going.

Email campaign features

Unique designer email for your brand

Work with our designers to create the perfect design for your campaign. Created from scratch or built from a template, we'll match your unique corporate branding or existing marketing campaign. Your email will look great in all your clients email clients (desktop and mobile) with optimised images and the best in email programming.

Manage your campaigns yourself, 24/7

Our online editor makes it a cinch to create your email campaign, giving you total control of your campaign, text and images. You can add your own text, links, images and even personalised content for each subscriber.

Set-and-forget subscriber management

Import your existing client list as easily as copy and paste – we’ll automatically scan for any bad records and remove duplicates. InTouch automatically removes bounced or undeliverable addresses and subscribers can automatically manage their own account – so you don’t need to do anything.

Flexible Campaigns

Automatically send your InTouch campaigns to your subscribers whenever you want. Monthly, weekly or special event – it’s up to you, and it couldn’t be easier.

Measurable Results

Who has opened your campaign? What they were interested in? Who did they share it with? Every campaign has intelligent, easy to understand and real-time reports allowing you to see this, and much, much more.

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Everything for your email campaigns

Unique Design

Your email is created entirely from scratch to match your unique corporate branding or an existing marketing campaign. Choose from single column or multi-column formats with photos and links – whatever you need.

If you need a more cost-effective solution, we can customise a base template to get you started while you build your list.


If you need a hand to get started, we’re here to help. An hour’s training on the InTouch web application, held at Design City, will have you managing your campaigns and subscribers like an expert.

For power users, InTouch’s online help is brimming with information to help you get the most out of your email campaigns.

24/7 App

With your account set up, you’ll have access to the InTouch web application to completely manage your subscribers and campaigns any time.

Pay per month for frequent campaigns or per campaign for infrequent sending. Change any time, absolutely free, and leave any time.

Maximum Compatibility

Your emails will look great across a maximum number of desktop, online and mobile web clients, including:

MS Outlook, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, AOL Webmail, Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live Mail, Gmail, Outlook.com, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Gmail apps for iOS.

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