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Keyword Research

Keyword research is the crucial first step in the SEO process. Finding the correct keyword can make or break your online marketing campaign so it’s vital that you get the keywords and phrases correct in the first instance. We carry out in depth keyword research in 3 steps:

1. Research

We have found that he best results for keyword research come from a collaborative effort between the client and ourselves. It’s important for Design City to take on board a clients’ chosen keywords and phrases as they are the expert in this field and know what relative terms should be used. We also look at factors such as what competitors are doing and how difficult the keywords and phrases are to rank for. We will then perform further research on these words and other keywords we suggest to achieve an optimal list with the highest search volumes. This is ultimately what draws traffic to your website and the more traffic we can attract the better the chance of converting then into leads or sales.

2. Discussion

Once we complete an in-depth keyword research there can be literally hundreds of keywords and phrases to choose from. At this point it’s important to narrow the list down to a manageable size. We do this along with our clients in order to come up with the most appropriate list and agree on the set list of keywords and phrases.

3. Keyword Mapping

Once the keyword and phrases have been identified we then analyse your website to make sure that every page containing your chosen keyword or phrase is optimised.

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