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SEO Copywriting

One of the fundamental practices of SEO is to keep your website up to date with lots of rich, relevant content and the best way to do this is through offering readers content they want to read.

SEO copywriting or web content writing is a specialised type of writing that is favourable to search engines. There is a certain art to this writing as it not only has to be factual and interesting but also needs to engage the reader, build authority and ultimately sell products or services by encouraging clicks and orders.

There are two main types of content writing that we offer here at Design City and these are SEO Copywriting and Blog Content Management.

SEO Copywriting

Once we’ve got to know you and your online objectives we’ll collaborate and come up with your top keyword phrases that best relate to your business and what you are trying to promote. It’s imperative that you have enough relevant content on your website in order to appear in the SERPs for the desired keywords.

It’s our job to dedicate a page to each key phrase and ensure that the content on this page is of the upmost quality and provides the reader with the information they require. We do this by focusing on the facts about the product/service and letting the potential customer know why they need to purchase it over your competitor. This type of content will ultimately convert the reader into a lead or sale.

Blog Management

Another fundamental element of SEO is maintaining fresh, relevant copy that is updated regularly. Often with the product/service descriptions mentioned above, once the copy is uploaded it stays there relatively unchanged for the life of it.

An easy way to add more fresh content is via a blog, which benefits both your existing customers and can target new ones. Writing content for your blog can be a long and laborious task but that’s where we come in to help you. We will not only create a full content strategy, including all blog topics we suggest to cover but we also write this content for you, we’ll also optimise the articles and even upload them to your CMS if you require.

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