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Best of the Kimberley

Best of the Kimberley is a licensed travel agency with over 20 years experience of living and working in the Kimberley region. They inspire wonder and awe in their clients by organising fantastic holiday itineraries at stunning locations around WA's Kimberley region. Deciding it was time to refresh their web presence, they approached the Design City team and we got straight to work on designing a sleek, modern look around the huge wealth of information that existed on their current site.

The primary goal was to create a streamlined way for users to find the tour that was right for them. With over 120 different tour packages spread across more than 20 different areas, organising everything to make a visit to the site easily and intuitively accessible was no small feat. We employed a menu that sorted each tour by location, duration and theme so the end user can find tours that would both work within their itinerary and suit their interests.

To show off the beauty of North West Australia, the site is rich with amazing photographs and full to the brim with helpful information, package deals and recommendations. So take a look, book a self drive tour in WA’s beautiful Kimberley region!

Kimberley Holidays and Travel Website

Best of the Kimberley Home Page
Kimberley tour product page with enquiry
Best of the Kimberley logo and great regional image
Kimberley and broome tours page on an ipad or tablet

The final result is better than I envisaged at the very start of the project. I am happy with the overall presentation of the website. By doing all of the data input myself, I certainly have a better engagement with the CMS (despite some of the little hiccups along the way). I always had an understanding of the importance keywords in particular but that knowledge has been enhanced much further about Meta titles and Meta descriptions too!

[Design City] have been very easy to work with and I have appreciated the guidance and availability of you to make adjustments as required and I thank you and your team for your efforts. I am pleased that WCR did recommend your company and I certainly have already mentioned your company to a couple of tour operators and friends who have business websites.

Rosemary McGuigan—Director, Best of the Kimberley

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