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Cat Haven Website Refresh

We've been a long time supporter of Cat Haven. Five and a half years ago we developed a strategy with them to vastly improve their online visibility and get more people excited and interested in adopting cats and donating. The new website worked well; Cat Haven was soon swamped with enquiries about all manner of cat-related subjects. Using our Content Management System, the site grew and grew until, eventually, Cat Haven decided it was time to take a step back and improve the design and functionality of the site.

We worked with Cat Haven to identify some of the key objectives for the refresh:

Improve user experience overall

  • The Cat Haven brand has moved far in the last 6 years, and the overall layout needed an update to match.
  • We’ve included full, beautiful images of Cat Haven cats. Every page now has an adorable picture of a cat or kitten in the heading the page.
  • Incorporated the growing colour palate and highlighted the important areas: Donate, Adopt, Foster, Bequests and Volunteer.

Utilise the website more to reduce internal costs

  • We revamped the information architecture of the site to make content easier to find. Leaving behind the legacy architecture allowed us to focus on user tasks and make the site easier to navigate
  • We added a home page filter box to allow instant access to informative articles on the Cat Haven website. This allows users to find the information they need quickly and reduce calls to the Haven.

Improve user experience with adoption page

  • We needed people to realise HOW ADORABLE these cats really are. We enlarged the photos and tweaked the layout to make it easier to access adoption-related information.
  • There were plenty of legacy features that could be removed so the interface was simplified overall.

Keep costs down and value up

  • By working hand-in-hand (paw in paw?) with Cat Haven staff, we were able to split the workload and reduce the cost for the Haven. Our designers and developers also donated their time as individuals and Design City was happy to continue to support Cat Haven with a donation as well.

It was great to continue to work with Cat Haven and the amazing staff and volunteers that enable the Haven to do such great work.

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Cat Haven Home Page with Cat
Cat Haven instant filter on tablet
Cat Haven Store

Working with the Design City team on our new website was a breeze. They had a very thorough understanding of what was needed and contributed many great ideas. They were in constant contact throughout the design process, explaining each stage and rationale, and at the end of the day, the result is a great, clean, impactful new website for Cat Haven.

Chandra Woodley—Marketing and Communications

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