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Hot Chili Limited

Hot Chili Limited currently making the important position from explorer to project developer. Hot Chili has a portfolio of large multi-commodity copper projects in Chile and with rapid growth in the value of the company, it has outperformed most of its peers recently. Productora is Hot Chili’s flagship multi-commodity copper project, with an operating underground mine and large-scale multi-commodity copper resources amenable to multi-km scale open pit operations.

Following on from their successful IPO (or Intital Public Offering), Hot Chili needed an investor website that was informative and as easy to use as possible. On the top of the to-do list was a projects section that highlighted the advances they'd made on their projects and an investor section capable of evolving with the company and providing investors with all the information they need (as well as fulfilling their legal requirements from ASIC). We also did some copywriting for Hot Chili to help focus the content and really highlight the important aspects of the projects clearly (especially important since the content was specifically written for the more verbose Prospectus). The site also included a newsletter manager that allowed Hot Chili to email investors important news and releases as they happen.

Hot Chili rebranded in 2011 and we reskinned and updated the website to match this new branding. From here the website was much cleaner and visual, focusing on the new achievements of the company.

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