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Mo Consultants Responsive

MO Consultants provide project management and coordination of, well frankly, technologically difficult projects that scare most people. Well established, they seek to create long term relationships with clients over many projects, where they’re known for their results-driven work.

MO approached Design City to update their online image to make it more engaging and showcase the company as out of the ordinary. They found us though one of our other client websites (New Energy Corporation), and while initial conversations started around the New Energy site, it was clear that MO had their own objectives and needed something quite different to New Energy.

Finally, MO wanted a responsive website, one that would respond to the device it was being viewed on and be perfectly readable and optimised for each device. Employing a responsive design increased reach to all kinds of mobile devices, from tablets to smartphones (to whatever’s next!) and meant that a separate mobile website was unnecessary. The end result is flexible and works well across a large range of devices—have a look on your smartphone or play around resizing the browser with for yourself!

The final site is bold and beautiful, with strong lines, powerful imagery and a condensed typeface. We focussed on highlighting the industries MO serviced, as the needs of each were distinct, showcasing industry-specific projects and offering under each.


Mo Consultants responsive website on ipad
Mo Consultants homepage design. Responsive website.
Mo Consultants internal page design
Mo Consultants one site for all devices
Mo Consultants responsive website

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