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Mundella Foods Web Award Winner

As Mundella grew, they began releasing new and exciting products and brands - it was now time their website caught up. The challenge with the website was to communicate the brand's natural and friendly personality, engage customers by really showcasing Mundella's products and allow the website to grow and change with the rapidly developing company.

Mundella's audience varies a lot being a retail company. They need to be accessible to a wide range of people, which certainly presents challenges in design and even features. The website needed above all to be family friendly; to appeal to the person who makes most of the purchasing decisions in the household and still be engaging for the rest of the family.

The website we proposed and built for Mundella achieved the following:

  • Conveyed the brand into the online space. The website needed to but fun and exciting with movement, but still accessible. Key focus was on ease of use and 'simplicity': web accessibility was on the top of the list.
  • Focused on the product lines, highlighting the range Mundella created was key for the website.
  • Allowed the client to manage almost every aspect of the website from the content management system. This was key because products, awards, news and health information changed regularly and it was key being able to release the information quickly.
  • Introduced more social networking options to extend its reach better into younger demographics.
  • Compared favourably to much larger dairy producers.
  • Delivered real value for money.

Visit the Mundella Foods website

Mundella website zoomed in shot of header animation
Mundella website homepage on an imac
Mundella website homepage was a finalist in the 2011 Web Awards

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