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New Energy Corporation

The New Energy site was unique in that not only did it need to fulfil its corporate duty, but also have a more local focus for the communities in and around the project areas. New Energy also had some pretty serious scientific concepts and processes that need to be easily understandable by the general public as well as showcasing the company's commitment to the environment and the communities in which their plants operate.

Design City designed the New Energy website to be professional and corporate, with a bright and friendly side to it. The Home page was created to funnel users to important areas of the site, but also to be entirely editable by New Energy as important events occur and need to have prime-time focus.

Much of the site was to function as an information tool for investors and the general public to learn about the company and their technology and their mission - to generate clean, renewable energy from waste diverted from landfill. To this end, we created interactive diagrams to step through the overall energy process as well as the special and environmentally superior gasification technology. The site is also a resource for the individual communities where projects are being established so they can understand positive impact it will have. This included general information as well as downloads, community news and important frequently asked questions. The site also has an integrated news system which allows the administrators simple access to publishing multiple news articles on any of the site's news sections.

As a company almost fanatical about sustainability, it was important that the site was as sustainable as possible. We organised New Energy on our very own Green Hosting - environmentally sustainable website hosting platform and ensured that things like print stylesheets were optimised so that if the pages were to be printed, they wouldn't waste paper or printer ink.

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