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New Horizon Coal Ltd

New Horizon Coal approached Design City to create an online presence a company that was changing focus and identity. Number one of the list of priorities was a professional website up to the level of other North American mid-tier coal producers. Our previous experience with Coalspur Mines Ltd and Modun Resources Limited (both coal-focussed), among others, helped us secure the work and ensured we could deliver a quality site and exactly what New Horizon was looking for.

Part of the work required was some tidying up of project maps that, as we know, come out of professional software really accurately - but generally pretty ugly.  We had the pleasure of tidying up a number of maps for the New Horizon web site that will most likely find their way onto the next annual report.

New Horizon Coal Limited is an ASX listed company focused on becoming a high quality coal producer and eventually a mid tier North America focused coal miner.

New Horizon Coal - ASX listed website design and build
New Horizon Coal website - interactive maps and rotating banner images
New Horizon Coal project showcase

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