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Intuitive websites that engage and convert


Your website is your shop window. An opportunity to showcase your brand, grab your customers’ attention and ensure they browse your store – instead of your competitors.

When we build an online presence for your business, we start by looking at what you’re trying to achieve, and create a customised solution based on your needs.

But that doesn’t mean our work is done once your site is up and running. In fact, we see ourselves as a long-term partner, not just a one-off solution. So we’ll always be there to lend our advice and support whenever you need it.

Over the years we’ve built intuitive websites for small, medium and large organisations. All of them distinctly different, but all with one thing in common – the ability to grow their customer base with branding that works.

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A seamless approach

With many years’ experience working with brands across every kind of industry, we’ve been able to hone our skills and develop an approach that is designed to achieve a great outcome for your business – and your customers.


Finding a great digital solution doesn’t happen by accident. It takes many hours of research and exploration. So before we design anything, we get to know your business and industry inside out. We’ll then work with you to fine-tune your project objectives and propose a solution that combines the very best in experience design with information architecture and website functionality.


Once we have the functionality buttoned down, we’ll start to work on the design of your website. As a creative studio, all our website designs are completely custom—not based on templates—designed to engage your users and turns browsing into buying.

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A great story is one that’s well told. Which is why the content on your site plays such an important part in your brand message. At Design City we partner with copywriters and content strategists that are experts in combining good content with great design. And if you’d like to supply your own content, that’s fine too. We’ll happily work with you to ensure it stays true to your tone of voice and keeps your customers informed and engaged.


At Design City we use the latest cross-browser technology to create accessible and standards compliant websites that engage and delight audiences. As always, our focus is on enhanced usability and a seamless customer journey.

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Like any solid structure the foundations of your site is all about what underpins it.
That’s why, we’ll build your site from the ground up to stand the test of time, offer greater compatibility with simple and intuitive editing for administers. Think of it as having everything you need, and nothing you don't.


Before we package up your website ready for delivery, we’ll carry out some final testing which includes our proven 50-point website testing checklist to ensure quality and excellence. Finally your site goes live on our high-performance hosting platform, complete with analytics, ready to boost your business online.

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Brands come to us first

From the very moment we start working with you, we put your brand at the heart of everything we do. This allows us to build a digital experience that is so much more than ‘just another site’ and connects effortlessly with your customers.

You’re in control

Amazing CMS

By working with an intuitive content management system, you can make updates to your website with minimal fuss and edit content with ease. We simplify your life by customising the CMS so you don’t need a Ph.D to figure out how to change that image.

Edit everything

With an easy drag and drop editing tool, you can tweak just about anything on your site, whenever you need to. And as you’re in full control of any changes, it means you’ll save time and money by keeping changes in-house (although we’re here if you need!)

No lock in contract

We don’t believe in locking you into any contract. Once we’ve delivered your site – and you’re 100% satisfied – it’s yours to keep. And our CMS is open source, so you can get comprehensive support from developers around the world.

We’re different, but in a good way

Good advice

When you’re one of our customers, we don’t see you as just another number. In fact, we treat your website as we would our own. That’s why we’ll freely offer real advice on how you can grow your business online.

Brands first

Your brand essence plays a huge role in the success of your business. It’s what sets you apart from your competitors and gives you a distinct voice in an often crowded marketplace. Since 2000, we’ve applied the power of brand storytelling to create unique digital experiences for our customers, while growing their business along the way.

No one-size fits all

We understand that every business is different. That’s why when we work with you, we look at your business and what you need, not what products we can sell you. It’s a customised approach that throws cookie cutter thinking out the window and allows us to design, build and deliver a solution that’s tailored to your needs.

Custom design

A custom website design will elevate you over your competitors. A template website, however, won’t stand out, leaving customers with no positive impression of your business. That’s why when you hire us, we work hard to come up with a strongly branded design that’s as individual as your business – and is sure to get you noticed.

Industry recognition

Over the years we’ve been lucky enough to have our work recognised at various awards, with team members regularly appearing on the Australian Web Awards judging panel. And while ‘back slaps’ aren’t the be-all and end-all, it’s nice to receive recognition from the people in your industry.

Ongoing support

It’s important you feel comfortable with your new website. That’s why we’re here for you even once the site is live. We’re only a phone call away to help with any changes or updates your growing business needs. To show we stand by our work, we offer a three-month peace of mind guarantee for bug fixes.

Quality, not ordinary

At Design City we tend to work with clients who want something of a better standard. Because paying for quality saves you in the long run – and delivers a well built site that gives you the edge over your competitors.

It’s for this reason that businesses choose us to as their branding company – and why many past customers recommend us.

Local Professionals

Everything we do is done here, in Perth by experienced professionals. We can guarantee a quality outcome and timely delivery as we don't offshore your work internationally.

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