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Valmec is an Australian energy services group providing specialised services to the energy and infrastructure markets. Having recently undergone major business growth, their website needed a simiar big step forward.

We worked with Valmec on a digital strategy to better align the website with the business and showcase market leadership. We collaborated to overhaul their information architecture, providing a more client-focussed experience. The site features Valmec's markets and offerings prominently. Additionally, improved investor communication and community awareness was at the heart of the update.

We created a clean and professional responsive design that evolved Valmec’s existing branding. The new site design has clean lines, focussed photography and a more in-depth colour palette. Heavy blue backgrounds and ghosted elements have been replaced with a more open feeling. Simple mega-menu navigation makes the site easy to understand and navigate.

We realised the site’s unique angles, used on most images and the home page header, using SVG masking. Nuances in browser support and implementation meant that it was a feature we worked hard to get right. The site integrates with a share information API to pull through the latest share information and announcements. We built the site in Silverstripe CMS which allows for easy editing and powerful customisations.

The team at Valmec were great to work with​ and provided excellent content support and business intelligence.

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In early 2015, Valmec identified the requirement to undertake a major overhaul of our website with the evolution of the business and to incorporate newly acquired business. Having limited internal marketing resources to undertake this work along with limited budgets meant our selection of partner would be key to success. Through the process of evaluation, Design City represented themselves as open, honest, transparent and genuinely interested in undertaking the work. This enthusiasm actually escalated once they were selected, with the team taking time to truly understand our business, what we wanted from the website and offering experienced based advice.

If you want a company that will nod and do anything you say without question, they are not the group for you.

If you want a company that is keen to share their practical experience, provide advice and discuss options that allow you to make the best choice, Design City is the partner you need.

The team accommodated a tight timeline, changes as the process evolved and at no time allowed us to proceed blindly. Their creativity and advice was key in us launching a website that had everyone in our company smiling and excellent feedback from our clients and business partners.

I would not hesitate in recommending Design City to anyone and gladly work with them again.

Kelvin Andrijich—Director - Oil & Gas

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