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Going green is the new black.

Take a moment to consider how design can help our planet and make design matter.


We believe there’s a lot more to sustainable design than being 'green'. To us, it’s about smart design that has more impact on your market and less impact on the planet.

How do we achieve it? By being responsible in everything we do and never forgetting that even the smallest things can make a great difference – from consuming less paper to using multi-purpose products.

We actively encourage ecologically-sustainable design and print practices, but above all, we think about the social, environmental and economical cost of your brand over its life cycle, and seek to minimise it.

Sustainability in practice

Sustainability is always on our minds and we strive to do better through ongoing education, research and discovery.

We help to spread environmental awareness by producing design products that are made in a responsible way and by encouraging our clients and suppliers to minimise their impact through joint environmental action.

Once you embrace this way of thinking, you’ll open up real opportunities for brand differentiation and cost savings, because being sustainable is usually more efficient and economical.


We aim to create sustainable brand material by developing strategy together with our clients, exploring eco-friendly possibilities and using responsible resources and practices throughout the design process. For instance, we deliver reports through our in-house online document viewer, Reportcast, and we use interactive, hyperlinked PDF to reduce the overall print burden of a project.


We partner with digital and offset printers who are environmentally-certified in every aspect of their print process. This includes the use of recycled or plantation-sourced paper, green electricity, petroleum-free inks, and waste-recycling, all aimed at minimising environmental impact.


We host all of our websites through state-of-the-art virtual private servers that use significantly less energy than older, dedicated servers. When you host your website with us, you get a sustainable online presence.


At our design studio, we reduce waste, reuse and recycle materials as much as we can. We continuously try to reduce our energy consumption and only use electricity from 100% renewable sources through Australian GreenPower. Whenever possible, we maintain a sustainable supply chain for all goods and services we buy, right down to our fairtrade coffee.

Thinking differently

Want to improve your green credentials? Ask us how.

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